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What Exactly Are Some of the Problems the US Is Facing in Regards to Education and What Are some Solutions - Essay Example

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The author of the essay examines two problems that the American educational system is facing at the present moment are a small number of really proficient teachers and lack of technology that would allow students to perform greatly with their hard work.   …
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What Exactly Are Some of the Problems the US Is Facing in Regards to Education and What Are some Solutions
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Extract of sample "What Exactly Are Some of the Problems the US Is Facing in Regards to Education and What Are some Solutions"

Download file to see previous pages Thus, the current problems that education of this country faces include lack of proficient teachers as well as means for a student to build up one’s potential and not rely on innate qualities. So, I feel that the best way to educate students would be to hire more proficient teachers and provide classrooms with better equipment that would allow students to build up confidence in their powers.
Speaking of the first problem, one should point out the fact that “half of America’s teachers graduated in the bottom third of their college class” (Zakaria). In other words, it is not the best professionals who will teach students in school, but average ones. As a result, the scores of the children, as well as their performance, is also average. That is why there is no wonder that the educational system of such a developed country is ranked only 26th in the world (Zakaria).
The next problem that should be taken care of is the lack of equipment that would let the student believe that it is up to them to achieve great results in class. It is a fact that there is a traditional perception of what makes a person do well at school. Thus, it would not be an exaggeration to argue that “Americans are persuaded that success in school requires inborn talent” and not by the hard work (Seal 30). Indeed, those who have good grades are usually considered to be lucky or blessed with intellect. That is why it is a common practice that there is a large disparity in academic achievements within one class: other students are simply demotivated by high results of their peers and lose confidence. However, just like any other performance, academic performance might be improved through a continuous practice or a different approach to it. These are the ideas that surprisingly do not come to the minds of American educators.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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