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Reading stories with children - Research Paper Example

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With all permission granted by the parents, the kid preferred to be read for the book in his bedroom. I sort to find out why he preferred the bedroom and he…
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Reading stories with children
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Download file to see previous pages I decided to read two different books in terms of their themes and setting. The first book was a religious book with religious themes while the second book was more of a fun book. The interaction with the kid, who is about five years of age, was rather eye opening. During the reading session, the kid interjected the process severally asking various questions regarding the stories. He constantly asked questions regarding the meaning of words he did not understand. This trait was a bit interesting as it portrayed the kid as an inquisitive person who wanted to know more. Various facial expressions accompanied my reading to the kid so as to further make him understand certain aspects of the stories. He was keen on the kind of expression that he saw on my face as I continued to read the books. Whenever there were frowns on my face he could also frown. This was a sign that the kid personalized the reading through the expressions that I was portraying to him as the reader.
After reading the books to the kid I did further analysis on his reactions during the time I read the books. This revealed something interesting as I realized that the child scrutinized details of every picture that was shown to him. The scrutiny of the fin details in the pictures portrayed the kid as an individual who is interested in both the pictorial aspects of the stories as well as the word flow. This was even more interesting when it came to recalling the reading on the side of the child when I asked him questions. Even after reading the two stories to the kid certain aspects of his traits were outstanding.
The kid was able to recall the outline of the two stories though note as exact or fair as it should have been. The first story was titled chocolate me which talks about the skin color in different people. It was more religious and encouraged the readers to appreciate ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Reading Stories With Children Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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