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Arts Criticism and Cultural & Historical Perspectives on-line explorations - Assignment Example

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This 19th century painting shows brush strokes of grasshoppers and cricket as it appears at sunset. The significance of the painting includes the Japanese…
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Arts Criticism and Cultural & Historical Perspectives on-line explorations
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Download file to see previous pages Time remains valuable to the human race, and when it passes when one has not accomplished set goals it causes regret or sadness (Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History).
Fireflies Over the Uji River by Moonlight is an 18th century painting by Suzuki Shonen based on Japanese culture. The painting signifies a secluded place or a dark neighbourhood that appears threatening for a passer-by. In essence, this Japanese painting basis its theme on the life of a Buddhist who lives in an isolated location such that a passer-by cannot hear music coming from area because of the night rain (Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History).
The big idea from the painting invokes a murky situation that leads to feelings of somberness. The heavy rain and mist shows an environment of darkness and dullness (Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History).
The General View of the Burial Chamber of Neferkhewet before the Commencement of Clearing represents the 20th century painting of Harry Burton. This Egyptian work shows the tomb of Neferkhewet and family that was found in 1935. The tomb appeared tattered, crumbled and collapsed in many areas leaving it exposed (Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History).
The big idea from the painting reflects dumbness and somberness in how the tomb appears ruined. The image shows that the dampness led to the breakdown of most of the organic matter in the tomb. In this way, it leaves a feeling of dullness and grimness for the destruction of human remains that should be protected (Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History).
This visual arts website provides information on the history of transportation from ancient to modern day machines. The site offers important timeline information from 3500 BC wheels on carts were the main source of transport and later years of horses, wheelbarrows and hot air balloons. The 18th century saw the first road vehicle, 19th century cable car, and 20th century airplanes as well as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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