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The Effectiveness of College Writing - Personal Statement Example

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The paper “The Effectiveness of College Writing” focuses on effective writing skills. Many people struggle to write even a page, but writing is required in all academic spheres. Educational curricula are designed in order to give all students equal opportunities to become writers…
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The Effectiveness of College Writing
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"The Effectiveness of College Writing"

Download file to see previous pages It was difficult to keep my thought flow naturally in writing and give them appropriate and understandable form. I experienced a significant lack of writing skills, but I faced the challenge of academic writing with dignity.
Gradually, I learned to transfer my thinking to writing. College writing course helped me thought how to research the selected issue and use other sources to support my point of view. Fora mats, which seemed strange to me in the beginning, helped me to make my essays and research papers neat and well-organized.
Common essay structures studied during the course resulted in more coherent and clear messages expressed in my pieces of writing. I learned that the structure and formality of academic writing was only a benefit for me because they kept my ideas clear. Improving my writing skills, I learned to consider the interests of my target audience and made essays interesting to read. Writing significantly contributed to my general knowledge e background because it is often required to apply research and critical thinking skills to make the content of my essays unique and original.
My latest essays show all my writing skills in the best light. Philosophy of Science essay has a clear structure which makes it easy and pleasant to read. It starts with an introduction where I give a piece of lead-in information for my readers and provide a clear thesis statement to show the point to be discussed further. In this essay, I tried to include the most relevant facts about the issue and provided references to prove my point of view and persuade the reader that my writing is valid.
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