Computer games' the development of children learning - Research Paper Example

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Computer game experts are coming up with new innovations each and every day. Children between the age of six and ten years have today been exposed to too much computers. It is very hard to…
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Computer games the development of children learning
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"Computer games' the development of children learning"

Download file to see previous pages The focus is children between the age of six and ten years old.
Video games has a lot of advantages on the development of a child between the age of six and ten. In essence, practically all video games are challenging. This means that playing a computer games involves the brain in a lot of exercises. The child has to learn each and every trick of the game in order to win. Therefore, computer games helps the child develop necessary skills that equips him or her to face more challenging situations in future. Playing computer games enable the child to learn how to follow commands or directives (Blumberg and Fisch, 2013). There is no other way to win a computer game other than through following instructions.
It is important to elucidate the fact that there are many ways of playing a particular game. According to Blumberg and Fisch (2013), a child can follow different paths or involve different techniques to win. This calls for creativity. Therefore, computer games inspires children to acquire ingenious skills in the course of development. When playing a computer game, the child has to involve practically every part of the body. Most games requires the player to synchronize and harmonize the thinking part of the game and the physical activities that involve moving the hands, legs, and other parts of the body. Therefore, computer games helps a child to learn how to coordinate various parts of the body to achieve positive results. For instance, a child aspiring to become a surgeon in future can learn effective skills through computer games especially coordinating the mind, the eyes, and the hands.
Subsequently, a child is able to acquire better planning and time management skills. Blumberg and Fisch (2013) asserts that some games have specific timeframes and in fact have a timer. This means that the player has to mange his or her time well in order to win. These ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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