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Module 5 Reflections - Essay Example

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The mentality that I had understood some of the concepts while in real sense some areas required a closer look made me to drop in the module six quiz, which I got 16 out of the possible…
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Module 5 Reflections
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"Module 5 Reflections"

Download file to see previous pages The quiz was one of the most challenging compared to the ones done in the previous. This is ironical because, the module featured most of the concepts that had been approached in the previous modules. Therefore, even before engaging in the study I had assumed that I knew the concepts well. This assumption proved to be the challenge to the realization of a good mark in the test. One thing that I learnt through this is to be careful to internalize concepts while keeping track on revising so that I do not forget what has been previously learnt. Despite the quiz being challenging, I did not expect to miss a whole nine questions. The question that I would like the instructor to give further insight is on the distinction between triangulation and explanatory methods.
The major area that proved challenging was n elucidating and comprehending the experimental designs. Of particular concern was the mixed methods design. I remember vividly, the lecturer talk about the rationale for mixing as well as the importance of research questions in the study. For the later, I understood how to frame it as well as its significance in a research. The research question provides is the puzzle that is unmasked after the research is concluded. Drawing a thick line between triangulation, exploratory and explanatory mixed designs was a major challenge especially in the quiz where I missed two of the questions that were meant to establish an understanding of these three designs. Though I have been able to understand the bit of what these mixed methods are about distinguishing them is an uphill task. On the other hand, I would like to raise the question on what is the need for mixing the designs. However, going through the text I found powerful insight on why qualitative data should be mixed with quantitative data.
The most striking thing that clearly caught my attention and proved to be a simplistic concept in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Module 5 Reflections Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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