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This week Article Critique 2: Students Choice - Assignment Example

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In America, the government recognizes the importance of educational excellence and puts up measures to promote the same. Standardized tests in America have been employed extensively…
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Assignment this week Article Critique 2: Students Choice
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"This week Article Critique 2: Students Choice"

Download file to see previous pages The tests that are taken in schools raise differing opinions on their effectiveness (if any), and on their importance. Students in public schools undertake many of these tests, and the results are different for different states. But how important are these tests, and is it really important that students take them?
Though some scholars confidently appraise the use of these tests, Amrein-Beardsley (2009) feels that President Bush, by signing this act brought upon the public schools serious and negative consequences based in trivial tests. In this article, Audrey is keen to show how federal and education leaders in America have placed the public schools at a jeopardy (hence the title of the journal article). Educators and teachers are now more determined on scores than on the ensuring an all rounded student who will have maximum chances of success in their adult life. To these public school educators, the state results matter a great deal since they are a great determinant of what funding they will receive (Kaufman and Blewett, 2012). These tests have seen subjects such as social studies, arts and physical education being slowly wiped out from the curriculum (Amrein-Beardsley, 2009). The author also questions on whether the tests are effective in assessing the students critical thinking skills ability, whether the tests efficiently assess the students’ abilities to solve contextual problems and whether the multiple choice questions captures the deep and wide scopes of information that the students acquire.
The design applied has been used to bring out the many reasons why these tests have jeopardized the public education. Amrein-Beardsley (2009) likens the public education tests to the trivia game show “jeopardy” where contestants are put under pressure to ensure that they answer the questions well. In this article, the sponsors are the producers of the “reality jeopardy”, the local educators are the audience members, and the public school ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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