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Research experience for teachers (RET) programs are aimed at equipping teachers with fundamental knowledge in the conduct of practical research for ongoing application in their daily experiences as teachers (Silverstein, et al., 2009). There are many positive outcomes of RET…
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Pilot Study - Plan for data collection
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"Pilot Study - Plan for data collection"

Download file to see previous pages Teachers are faced with a number of factors that make it difficult for them to implement their RET experiences in the classroom. Therefore, it is important to find out how to support teachers in their classroom after completion of an RET program, with the goal of improving student learning. As such, this paper documents a plan about how to do some pilot testing of data collection related to the RET program.
Basically, preliminary data will be collected directly from the participants who have been involved in this program. The three methods that will be used to perform this task include the following: interviewing, observation and reading their teaching plans.
The interview technique that will be incorporated in the primary research for this study will be face to face with the participants. The interview question design and set up would be maintained at a simple level that is easy to understand by the participants in the study. The questions that would be used are open ended and exploratory in nature and focus on gathering information on the main topic within short time period so that the respondents are given the opportunity to respond quickly without wasting their time and efforts. The main purpose of interviews is to discover the opinions and views of people who are involved in the study.
According to Oppenheim (1992), the main advantage of interview technique is that first hand information from the participants about their views and perceptions towards a certain subject are explored. This helps to generate more knowledge about a certain subject area under investigation. The other advantage of the interview technique is that they are unbiased since they involve direct interaction between the interviewer and the interviewee (Struwig and Stead, 2004). This will help the interviewees to express their opinions about their perceptions towards the RET ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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