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What are the barriers to teaching citizenship and/or global education in schools - Assignment Example

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Intended at preparing non-citizens to become legally as well as socially accepted as citizens of a foreign country, citizenship education is undertaken by governmental and non-governmental institutions. This is a restricted view of citizenship education where it has been noted…
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What are the barriers to teaching citizenship and/or global education in schools
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"What are the barriers to teaching citizenship and/or global education in schools"

Download file to see previous pages because they help in ensuring that there is fairness and equity with various issues that include justice and healthcare, and this facilitates promotion of democracy. Citizenship education is aimed at equipping young people with knowledge and skills that will enable them participate effectively in democratic decision-making. For this reason, the parameters of citizenship education have been expanded to include aspects that promote national identity. Global education, on the other hand, is a learning process aimed at teaching universal values of non-violence, inclusion, tolerance, solidarity and justice to young people; in order to shape a better world for the future (Andrews& Mycock, 2008). I would argue that citizenship and global education are important subjects that should be given more attention as they are valuable concerning promoting all aspects of democracy and universal values.
The introduction of citizenship lessons in the curriculum of England’s education system was because it was noted that there was a reduction in social capital in the country. This followed publishing of a report- Education for Citizenship: The Report of the National Curriculum, which pointed out importance of having positive and participatory citizens where citizenship education was seen as necessary for having a balanced curriculum. In America, there were two major documents published that brought out the virtues, values, skills and knowledge needed for the promotion and improvement of democracy. Australia, as well, had a report titled Whereas the People that illustrated effective citizenship through developing an understanding of history along with operations of government institutions and systems. This document also called for reshaping citizenship education at the time and how this would directly contribute to improvement of the Australian economy. In Russia, after it became a state subsequent to breaking up from the Soviet Union, laws and programs were established with the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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