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Education in britain - Essay Example

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Schools that are operated by the local authorities are referred to as state schools. Education provided in state schools is always free. Private…
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Education in britain
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"Education in britain"

Download file to see previous pages ey have a high standard of teaching, and efficient facilities that improve on the quality of teachings conducted by these institutions (Clughen, 2012). On this basis, almost every student who passes through private schooling will qualify for a place in some of the British prestigious institutions. In Britain, it is mandatory for girls and boys to attend full time learning until they reach the ages of 16 years.
However, majority of students stay at school after the ages of 16 years for purposes of preparing themselves to attend university education, or for purposes of advancing their careers. In private schools, students usually finish their education when they reach the ages of 18 years, and almost all these students usually qualify to attend a university education at a prestigious university institution (Clughen, 2012). In 1988, Britain introduced a national curriculum whereby all schools that are funded by the state must follow (Smith, 2012). This national curriculum targets students who are of ages 5 to 18 years old. However, it is not mandatory for private school institutions to follow this curriculum. But, these private institutions have to prove that they offer an all round education system, and therefore, they are inspected on a regular basis.
At state schools, every year of study has a number, for instance, primary education begins with year 1. Secondary education on the other hand begins with year 7, and majority of students begin their secondary education when they are of ages 11 years. However, in some private schools, children begin their secondary education when they are of age 13 years that is in year 9 of their studies. At the end of the fourth key stage that is in year 11 children usually take a series of examinations referred to as the GCSE. This examination usually comprises of between 8 to 10 subjects, and these subjects include Mathematics, English, Science, Religious studies, etc. At the fifth key stage, students usually take an advanced ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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