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This paper will be both an analysis of Freires educational theory as well as a critical - Essay Example

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Throughout my school life, I always wondered that how did they define the parameters and benchmarks of what defines a good student and good personality. The dividing line between the two ends, a teacher and a student is very wide; a teacher is mainly seen as a “perfect”…
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This paper will be both an analysis of Freires educational theory as well as a critical
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"This paper will be both an analysis of Freires educational theory as well as a critical"

Download file to see previous pages A dialogue was a concept that remained alien to me throughout. What kept me the sane throughout that I was a part of the football team, as a left defender, I found myself becoming one with the green turf. (Freire 20)
Every time I returned home, I would watch my brothers having a completely different perspective about their school. Deep inside I hated mine, I felt like a caged bird who is considered lucky because it gets fed there, the same was the case with me, I was told that I go to one of the best schools in town with the best teachers. I always wondered how they were good, when I hardly knew a thing about them except their names. Freire, in his theory involves the same idea with an example of the banking system, where the entire operating system is pre-defined, and you need to follow the sequence to get your things done or fill up your account.
Alexander Cameron, My schooling was no different, a defined syllabus and handing over good notes followed by above average scores in examinations meant that you’re a good student with good personality.
I missed the times of my early schooling that was just a next door daycare center in town, and I must admit that more than an apple’s spelling; I remember it by its shape. The connection between the two was made when my teacher handed over an apple to me and asked me to spell its name, I am quite sure that if she had just asked me to memorize the spellings at that time, I would not remember it so well. (Freire & Matthew 30)
My brothers always had different activities on campus, like when they were taught about vegetables and plants, their teachers actually took them out for gardening. And they remembered every single name with the entire procedure in a far better way than I did. One of them would just not study harder during the exams because he remembered the day to day things so well already. I personally think that learning is a two-way process and defining one ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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