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Importance of teaching methods in graduate programs - Essay Example

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This essay describes the importance of teaching methods in graduate programs by providing a review of the English training program currently being offered by the University of Guelph Canada. This course has a rich and extensive content, but its conduct requires modification…
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Importance of teaching methods in graduate programs
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Download file to see previous pages In the University’s English program, teachers are highly qualified who hold great experience in teaching. They hold majors in English and have the expertise to bring quality education for students. Teachers are mostly native speakers which make them highly presentable and communicable. This is sufficient for international students as they get a chance to learn a foreign language in a native manner. At Guelph University, teachers are well trained in tutoring. They make the best use of text books, training guides and group works to bring comprehensive learning experience for students. Teachers also use the help of multimedia in assisting students to learn visually because students tend to remember and recall things quite well with the visual sightseeing. Collaborative learning practices are exercised in the university which helps them in deeper learning and understanding of a particular subject. The students also feel less isolated and enjoy study in groups which increases their interest tenfold. While performing in the group work the students are less burdened with work and tasks are divided.Teachers organize regular tutorial programs to enhance students writing and verbal communication skills. Moreover, they engage international students with Canadian locals, and this is to improve students’ interpersonal skill and talent. By doing so, international students have the opportunity to practice their vocal skills while communicating with Canadian speakers. It also develops better frequency of speaking in English. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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