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Comparison Analysis: Elementary and High School Life - Essay Example

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This essay "Comparison Analysis: Elementary and High School Life" discusses some of the key elements that both stages of education share and also make some comparisons between the two. The two most vital institutions in education are an elementary school and high school…
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Comparison Analysis: Elementary and High School Life
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"Comparison Analysis: Elementary and High School Life"

Download file to see previous pages Elementary school and high school share the trait of both being centers of learning. Although the subject matter and level of difficulty may not be the same, both forms of schools allow students to learn basic skills that will assist them later on in life. Students have the ability to express themselves and pick up new concepts through teaching and self-learning. Both schools test students to see how far they have progressed and also to place them in a class that is appropriate for their present stage of learning. Also, elementary school and high school both offer friendship opportunities for students. The beginning of a new school year is often a time of fear and hope because a student does not know how they will fit in at school. Both of these types of schools allow students to get to know each other and form friendships that can last for years. Friendships help students to feel wanted at school and can result in better grades as a result of feeling safe in the learning environment. The final comparison between elementary school and high school is that there is a regular routine for students to follow. Depending on the state that the school is located, the timetable of the school day may differ, but there is a set routine that allows students to feel more comfortable at school because they know where they should be at certain times of the day. In contrast, there is a heavier workload in high school than there is in elementary school. The reason for this marked difference is that high school students are able to take on much more work because they have a greater comprehension of the English language. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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