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Write a discussion and conclusion for every chart - Essay Example

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Figure 1 illustrates that from 28 students that were survey, 10 students indicated that they experienced racial discrimination; followed by 8 students who experienced discriminations based on religious orientations. The rest of the students answered the following: 7 experienced…
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Write a discussion and conclusion for every chart
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"Write a discussion and conclusion for every chart"

Download file to see previous pages rvey respondents (international students) had no close American friends and would have liked more meaningful interaction with people born here” (par. 3). As such, racial discrimination still exists as the primary cause of discrimincation in contemporary university settings.
Figure 2 illustrates that from among the causes of discrimination, stereotyping was identified by 7 out of 17 respondents as the predominant cause; followed by media (5); lack of knowledge (2) and gender differences (2); and poverty (1).
Although poverty was noted only by one respondent as the cause of discrimination, the study written by Moorman & Wicks-Smith (2012) that “with one quick look students are generally able to size up who is wealthy and who is poor; who is a "have" and who is a "have not"” (p. 141). As such, stereotyping was the predominant cause of discrimination that is an indication of social perceptions that have persistent through time.
Figure 3 illustrates that from 19 respondents, it was revealed that only 48% or 9 respondents have average knowledge about discrimination support networks; followed by 26% who does not have much knowledge; 16% who have some knowledge; and 5% for both sets of respondents who are on the extremes – a lot of knowledge and no knowledge at all.
The average knowledge of students on the presence of discrimination networks indicate that there are majority of students who could not avail and access support due to insufficient awareness of the existence of support networks to address discrimination issues. As indicated, school psychologists are identified to assume the crucial role of enhancing awareness, to wit: “working for social justice in the educational setting means guiding students and staff to reflect critically on their roles in proliferating racism and discrimination and supporting systemic change to prevent ongoing inequities” (NASP, 2012, p. 2).
Figure 4 illustrates the results on the methods deemed most effective by ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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