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Motivational Speech providing an argument for: Quality Physical Education in Elementary Schools - Essay Example

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Quality physical education programs should aim at enhancing well-rounded elementary school education system. The physical activities incorporated in the physical…
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Motivational Speech providing an argument for: Quality Physical Education in Elementary Schools
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"Motivational Speech providing an argument for: Quality Physical Education in Elementary Schools"

Download file to see previous pages Therefore, physical activity can affect the learning capability of a student due to its influence on the health, alertness, and physicality of the students. This essay argues that quality physical education is critical in making education in elementary schools complete.
One reason why physical activity is critical is that it boosts development of positive self-concept. This is because it enables the students in developing the ability to pursue emotional, physical, as well as intellectual challenges increasing their self-esteem. The students develop socially and emotionally since quality physical education encourages cooperativeness in problem solving (Kovar, 2012; rosaryfilms, 2008).
Quality physical activity encourages cooperation amongst students. Students are able to interact freely even in other concepts of learning. Therefore, school should consider physical education a crucial component of the education system and include it in daily school programs. Moreover, examinable lessons should be given to encourage children to take physical education more seriously. This is because most elementary school children are unaware of the benefits associated with physical activity in their academic life and lifetime wellness. The children should thus be required to pass physical education tests to proceed to higher learning levels (Kovar, 2012; Konte, 2009).
Quality physical education has physical benefits on the lives of the students. Physical education is a program that enables students to learn motor skills, understand different physical activities, and develop body fitness. Physical activities, which form part of physical education benefit students in that it enables them acquire skills in injury avoidance, prevention of diseases such as obesity and increase the mental health of the e daily programs of elementary schools due to the physical students (Konte, 2009). Moreover, elementary school students become conversant with the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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