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The Teaching and Learning Processes in Working-Class Schools - Research Paper Example

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This paper analyses how active and analytical learning pedagogy and approaches as experienced by Malcolm X in comparison to Jean Anyon’s various social class based teaching methods prove to be an effective pedagogy of teaching and learning as well as preparing our future leaders…
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The Teaching and Learning Processes in Working-Class Schools
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Extract of sample "The Teaching and Learning Processes in Working-Class Schools"

Download file to see previous pages Student-centered education is encouraged everywhere in the world now. In any case, it is a fact that the learning abilities of the students are different not only because of their intellectual differences but also because of the differences in the socioeconomic status of students. Economically sound students can acquire knowledge from different sources whereas students from poor economic backgrounds may struggle to get enough resources for their learning needs. For example, computers and internet are essential for the students to get proper insights into the topics they learned in the class. However, poor students may not have the financial abilities to purchase it. Jean Anyon categorized schools into five different groups based on their social class; Working-class, middle-class, affluent, professional, and executive elite schools. On the other hand, Malcolm X illustrates how a learner may take responsibility of his/her own learning as he uses his new skill of reading and hunger for knowledge to learn the history of prejudice and discrimination against “the black man”. Passive education or teaching is taking place in working-class schools. “Social studies in the working-class schools is also largely mechanical, rote work that was given little explanation or connection to larger contexts. In one school, for example, although there was a book available, social studies work was to copy the teacher's notes from the board. Several times a week for a period of several months the children copied these notes” (Anyon, p.5). “I read the histories of various nations which opened my eyes gradually, then wider and wider” (Malcolm, p.4). Both Malcolm and Anyon are saying the same thing that active education or teaching is not taking place in America, at least in the lower category schools. Teachers in such schools are not much interested in explaining the topics in detail. They will never try to explain the purpose, aim, and objectives of the topics they taught in the class. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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