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However not all teaching strategies appeal to students. Teaching methodologies should focus on inspiring, empowering, and motivating students to participate in learning. A learning environment…
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Learning By Doing and Using Instructional Technologies
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Download file to see previous pages Making use of technologies, students are able to access a wide range of virtual environments. This paper focuses on the process of learning by doing and using instructional technologies. The paper will explore the theories of learning and teaching relative to instructional technologies.
Introduction of microcomputers and internet has greatly influenced teaching and learning. Technology motivates students to learn since it encourages use of hands-on-technology activities making learners more autonomous. Appropriate use of technology in teaching motivates students since encourages creative methods of learning and enables students to remain attentive. Use of technology for teaching affects the learning process in different ways. The instructional methods are affected since teacher or educators act more like facilitators (Hung, 2001; Candace, Sheri, & Lane, 2011).
Several theories relate the theories of learning to use of technology in teaching. Educational theories embrace any phenomena that contribute to education in either philosophical or general approach. Instructional theories deal with aspects pertaining to instructions. The four main models of learning which include social constructivism, cognivitism, behaviorism, and constructivism form the framework of learning and teaching. The learning theories are distinct from the instructional approaches. Behaviorism and cognitivist models showed that the manner in which instructions are given determines the ease of learning. This is because the mind acts as an information processor. It is thus important to use technology base instruction approaches to encourage learners to reason (Bot, Gossiaux, Rauch, & Tabious, 2005).
Constructivism and social constructivism models focus on influence of interactions on learning or assimilation and accommodation of knowledge. People tend to interpret ideas depending on how they perceived them. Use of technology to provide ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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