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Brickman has been a prized journal editor for School and Society for over twenty years and published twenty nine books. In addition to that, he was the Comparative Education Society’s first president and the only society member to preside it on two occasions. His…
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Compare 2 articles
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Download file to see previous pages They discussed topics concerning ways of reviving comparative education, nature and importance of comparative education, techniques of teaching comparative education, and popular forms of research in comparative education. He argued that first hand visitation was necessary in order to incorporate in comparative education study. Later on, he professionalized the society. By becoming professional, they wanted to be seen as a group of serious, scholarly-minded people with an elevated level of research, teaching, and publication (Brickman, 1968).
He also made his own definition of comparative education. Moreover, he incorporated international education and comparative education under the domain of the history of education. He also opposed to the application of statistical and scientific tools in comparative education. Furthermore, Brickman dedicated most of his academic life to editing journals and various publications. Apart from editing different academic works, he advocated for making use of logics in assessing the arguments, claims, and reasons of individuals, as opposed to people themselves.
Paulo Freire was born in Brazil in 1921 at Recife. His father was a successful banker who suffered bankruptcy due to the 1929 Wall Street crash. The family’s financial problems forced them to move to the countryside where they lived the life of peasants. Freire spent the greater part of his life trying to liberate the oppressed. He did this by advocating for education that enhances critical thinking; opposing straight restrictions to freedom, and pointing toward liberation of students and teachers all over the world. In Pedagogy of the Oppressed, he draws attention to ideological or political duty of education. In this work, he brings out versatile themes such as dialogue, the banking concept of education, and oppressive education.
Erwin Epstein and other individuals opposed Brickman’s proposal of changing CES to CIES. Brickman had incorporated ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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