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My WRTG 101 Experiences - Essay Example

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This essay is a personal reflection of what the author has learned in WRTG 101. It is a recount of the learning experiences throughout the learning period. The author admits that he/she began the semester with high anticipation of learning many skills in writing.   …
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My WRTG 101 Experiences
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Extract of sample "My WRTG 101 Experiences"

Download file to see previous pages My desire to learn new writing skills was complemented by the able professor, who demonstrated diverse and profound skills in imparting knowledge to students. Needless to say, I attribute much of what I have learned in this course to his proficient and interesting approach to learning. The personal touch in his teaching made it possible to understand the course concept in a deeper way.
When I began the course, I had little if any confidence in writing. Although I had basic skills in writing, those skills could only be categorized as informal writing. It was difficult for me to construct a great line of thought, which I would maintain throughout a long piece of writing. Constructing a succinct thesis statement was a great challenge. I could not understand that a great introduction and a good thesis statement was the foundation of a clear discourse in essay writing (Dietrich 52-59; Holbrook, and Salinger 93-99). I must admit that it was a challenge constructing and articulating coherent and unified paragraphs in any form of writing.
Although audience persuasion is one of the primary objectives of any piece of writing, I did not have this important skill. My use of logos, ethos, and logos was weak. More notably, researching for writing materials from the internet and library sources was a challenge to me. Indeed, I had difficulties organizing research materials into a coherent and smoothly flowing piece of ideas. Therefore, my previous writing was characterized by writing discontinuities and lack of clarity of objective. Most notably, my writing was characterized by many grammar and structural errors. The only writing skill I was good at was citing materials using different academic referencing formats especially APA and MLA.
Despite all the challenges I had in writing, I had high aspirations and will to learn as much as possible from the course module. With the personalized approach from the module professor, I was able to learn one skill after another.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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My WRTG 101 Experiences Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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