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About comparing and contrast methods of communication used 50 years ago - Essay Example

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Communication is one of the most apparent aspects of life that has witnessed remarkable changes. The modes of communication that were followed 50 years…
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Essay about comparing and contrast methods of communication used 50 years ago
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Download file to see previous pages Verbal communication involves the exchange of words on an oral level; this mode is considered to be the most frank and shortest way to communicate. Examples of such communication may include personal interviews, telephone calls, seminars, meetings, conferences. The communication modes that were adopted for verbal communication 50 years back included minimal use of phones since they were not very common in those days. Mobile phones were not still in the phase of being invented. It is due to these reasons that face to face communication was mostly adopted to exchange information. The conventional face to face communication has been replaced with mobile communication and verbal communication facilitated by computer applications. The decreasing need for face to face interaction is making people aloof from the rest of the world and making them anti-social. Shim stated that the habitual usage of mobile phones and verbal communication applications is having an effect on the desire of the individuals (specifically teenagers) to interact with their family members, whereas family relations bore great relevance in the past generations.
The quality and essence of written communication that was held precious in the past years seems to be fading away with the integration of new modes and technologies. Examples of written communication are regulations, publications and reports, circulars, memos, proposals and complaints. Government agencies also opt for written communication to ensure a long term record of data and circulation of information on low costs. The conventional modes of written communication included postal mail that took extensive durations to reach their destination. The receiving of this type of communication was not even guaranteed and could only be confirmed when it reached its destination. Such slow pace and unreliable mode of communication has been replaced with better technological modes, such as email, text messages on cell phones, messages on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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