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Journal 15 - Essay Example

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In this journal, I’m focusing on one activity that we did to combine all three of these concepts. In this activity, I put letters of all the colors that we’ve been reviewing up on the board. Then, I asked…
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Extract of sample "Journal 15"

This past week, we’ve been reviewing colors, letters and numbers. In this journal, I’m focusing on one activity that we did to combine all three of these concepts. In this activity, I put letters of all the colors that we’ve been reviewing up on the board. Then, I asked the children how many of a certain letter there were and how many of those were red, blue, yellow, etc. I broke this activity up into two time periods so that the children wouldn’t lose interest.
I chose this activity to talk about because it relates to standard 5b: Knowing and using the central concepts, inquiry tools, and structures of content areas or academic disciplines. I knew that these three concepts were closely related and would be best reviewed together. Considering this, I designed an activity that would review all three concepts at once.
I liked how integrated the review was. It worked really well to review the three concepts, but it took longer than I had expected. Even with breaking the review up into two parts, it was hard to do the review in one day. If I did this activity again, I would do it over an entire week, doing 6 letters a day, 3 letters in each session. Read More
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