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Mastery of information technology in career of nursing - Essay Example

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The essay "Mastery of information technology in a career of nursing" analyzes information technology towards nursing. The writer of the essay suggests that information technology change with time and as a result, to need to be well versed with the latest knowledge in order to be competent in the job market…
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Mastery of information technology in career of nursing
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"Mastery of information technology in career of nursing"

Download file to see previous pages The mastery of information technology is extremely important in the educational field nowadays as the computer is the basic element in all professions. So I believe that mastering computer technology will give freedom to any student to choose what he or she wants as a career. My dream to pursue nursing career will definitely need a knowledge in latest information technology as hospitals are highly exclusive with computer technology.I was very sure even when I was doing higher studies that I would aim towards working as a nurse in future period. But for this purpose, I was convinced that I need to be proficient in the computer field.
An in-depth knowledge of information technology has allowed me to learn subjects easily during my educational process. Nowadays most of the studies are done through E- learning and knowledge in the computer make things easier and effective. The computer makes the learning process easily understandable that also in less time. It has also allowed storing data and accessing it wherever and whenever needed. According to (Downes 1) “Today, e-learning mainly takes the form of online courses. From the resources distributed by MIT's Open Courseware project to the design of learning materials in Rice's Connexions project to the offerings found at colleges and universities everywhere, the course is the basic unit of organization”.Even test, projects and lesson modules are worked out with the help of computer and my knowledge in information technology has helped me to successfully complete my studies. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Mastery of Information Technology in Career of Nursing Essay.
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