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Iters 234 - Essay Example

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The teacher would ask the children to bring her shapes of a certain color or type of shape. For example, the teacher might say "Who can find…
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Iters 234
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Download file to see previous pages She would first demonstrate stringing the beads to the children, then allow children to string beads on as they please. The teacher should make comments as the children play, such as "How many beads do you have so far?" or "What color beads did you use?". These questions are a good way to get an idea of a childs knowledge base. This activity meets the ITERS requirement because the stringing of the beads helps strengthen fine motor control and knowledge of colors and numbers is reinforced, which contributes to academic readiness.
In this activity, the teacher would set out several knob puzzles on a table and allow children to come to the table as a free choice center. At first, the teacher should play with a puzzle, to model for the children. Then, she should let the children play with the puzzles. If children get frustrated, the teacher may show the child how to turn a puzzle piece around, but she should not do it for the child. This activity meets the ITERS requirement because it strengthens fine motor control and helps develop memory skills, which contributes to academic readiness.
Before the activity, the teacher will need to make the dough and refrigerate it, so that it can be firm for the activity. This activity is best to do with individuals or small groups (2 to 3 children). The teacher should allow each child to make a sculpture, then put the sculptures on a baking sheet. Once the children have finished sculpting, their creations can be baked into tasty snacks at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 5-10 minutes. This activity meets ITERS standards because it is an open ended activity that allows them to express themselves creatively.
This is a two part activity, best done with two children or one child at a time. In the first part, the teacher takes each childs handprint in green paint, on the bottom center of the white paper. In the second part of the activity, the teacher allows the child to finish ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Iters 234 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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