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Delegation - Essay Example

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This essay talks about delegation which is described as the transferring of a particular assignment by one individual to another and the assurance by that individual to finish the assignment. When a Elementary School Principal delegates, one not only transfer assignment to another individual…
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Extract of sample "Delegation"

Download file to see previous pages As the paper declares assignments that supposed to be delegated are those that will interest staff and make them content to be working on the assignment. Why do people like work? The respond is that the work one takes pleasure in involves learning new skills, is to some extent imperative and conceivably will obtain for staff members some credit and add to their status and future employability.
This essay declares that to achieve those purposes, the human resources ought to be evaluated. Finding the right individual who will be thrilled about the assignment and advantage from it is crucial. A delegated assignment should intrinsically be a learning course for the individual accountable for it. On the other hand, the staff member chosen should have suitable acquaintance and skills to comprehend the nature and scope of the project. If the Elementary School Principal can sense an eagerness about the prospect, which is a hint that the correct staff member has been chosen for delegation of the assignment. As Fairfax County Public Schools uses delegation for development, evaluating and harmonizing the assignments to all human resources transforms increasingly significant. Giving development opportunities to only a few staff members will shortcut the Fairfax County Public Schools' capability to extend human resources with manifold skills and talents. Leaving some staff members out of the probability for development will also lead to turnover of otherwise excellent and productive human resources. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Management and Delegation

...o assign the task to a newly qualified nurse who had the rudimentary skill in dressing wounds. The wound was therefore properly cleaned and dressed without any errors and without any delays. The designation of the task eased the burden on the staff nurses who were already shorthanded and overworked. All in all, the risk of administration delays or even missed medications was reduced with the delegation of the task. In addition, delegation also allowed the new nurse to improve on her skills. There were several unfavourable aspects of the approach to delegation applied by the staff nurse. For one, the nurse-delegator did not ascertain first whether the delegatee had sufficient knowledge and skills in carrying out the task (Lynch,...
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Delegation & Empowerment

... also mentioned the factors that can hinder the effectiveness of delegation process and the importance of delegation in organizational settings. Curtis and Nicoll are both highly learned and well-educated lecturers at the school of nursing and midwifery studies, Trinity College, University of Dublin. The work that they have presented mainly address registered nurses and importance of delegation for nurses however that discussion is only limited to the introduction part and rest of it is rather generalized, which can interest any regular reader. This peer-reviewed article will help in understanding the fundamental concepts of delegation and the factors affecting the personnel involved along with the process of delegation, itself. The article...
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Delegation and Empowerment

...properly, delegating and empowering can enable the ordinary worker to excel to the limits of their competence. Because delegation is necessary for a manager to accomplish his job it is a vital component of a successful organization. Health care organizations are especially aided by delegation and are able to maximize the use of their limited human capital. Knowledge and information may reside in only a few key positions. By delegating authority, while remaining accountable, the manager can delegate key tasks to other qualified personnel. This is even more important where there may be a shortage of doctors or nurses. By utilizing all the workers to the...
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Delegation of Tasks

... R.Preeti 8/9/2007 Delegation of Tasks When an individual occupies a superior position, in the hierarchy of the organisation, it is not possible to perform each and every task under one's responsibility, all by oneself. While supervision of the work functions can be carried out and guidance and support can be offered, enacting out every role is an uphill task. One of the best ways to take up one's own responsibility as well as including one's co-workers and subordinates in the same, is to adopt delegation of tasks. One can disperse certain tasks amongst subordinates, depending on their specialisation and capabilities. This will not only decrease...
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Delegation Paper

... a significant transformation in management style and approach of MGM Transport's managers. After attending a management seminar, most of the managers adapted a new way of dealing with their team members or subordinates most especially in the manner the delegated tasks to their subordinates. Delegation in MGM Transport is now all about asking questions and hearing out what the employees have to say regarding specific concerns. Managers in the company now place more value on what the employees have to say. So before they dish out orders left and right, the managers consult their people, ask them questions, and make them give their suggestions as to how the issue will be solved. As early as the planning stages, the managers now involve...
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Conceptual Analysis of Delegation

...This means that all members of staff must accept responsibility for achieving high-quality management and not leave that responsibility to the senior management team or middle managers. Healthcare organizations start to apply this concept into practice seeing it as a high level of specialist practice and competitive advantage in healthcare services. Today, a special attention is given to proper function of medical staff and empowerment which helps to improve efficiency of medical practices and introduce technological innovation more rapidly and effectively. Introduction Delegation is one of the most important management functions which help a person to handle a task over to another person. At the beginning of the 21st century,...
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.... As statistics are examined in order to understand the level of confidence that managers and employees share, it is clear that creating stronger delegation protocols is necessary to create a better system. Proven through the example of three rural hospitals that are administrated through one person, effective delegation is essential in creating a strong organization. As well, innovative techniques can provide models from which an administrator can develop a good organization. This literature review will synthesis the information provided by five resources in order to demonstrate why delegation is vital to the health care industry. Creating solid leadership means leading the employees, rather than doing all and then becoming stressed...
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Difference between Delegation and Decision Making

..., managers can also delegate the tasks to people who can learn while conducting the task in order to ensure success in the task conducted. In addition, managers should identify the imitativeness that a team member has or is getting in doing the task assigned to them. Conversely, it is crucial to identify whether the task will be done in a similar way as the manager did it before, or the manager will allow room for innovation. Furthermore, the manager should also ensure that he was result oriented rather than process oriented depending on the nature of the task under delegation. Finally, the manager should determine whether the delegate has all the information required to complete the task by following the best approach possible....
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Delegation Nursing Case Study

... provided to the patients alone but supervisors have to make sure that there is self moral respect like professional growth and maintenance of competence. With the above highlighted factors in place, good interdisciplinary care in the clinic is guaranteed. It is good to recognize the efforts put in place by Ms. W in trying to help Ms. R to recover from her health problem. “Thank you for being patriotic to your job.” Richard Lennon in his book entitled, “Twelve rules of delegation,” says that delegation is a two-way street. That is, it develops you and the people you are working with (Lenon, 2008). It is fine if you delegate duties to your subordinate staff to help you keep track of Ms. R progress. Yes, she is absconding appointments...
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Consultation, Screening and Delegation in Physical Therapy

... Insert Insert Insert 4 February Consultation, Screening and Delegation in Physical Therapy Supervision Scenario Case 1 This case presents a fifty-year-old man having sustained a significant tear to his rotator cuff. Following an initial surgical repair, referral for physical therapy (PT) included a passive ROM thrice a week for two weeks, a supervised home program of active exercise for two weeks and external resistance exercises for external and internal rotation every day for a month. However, the patient performed unsupervised home exercises contrary to the physician’s prescription. In addition, he engaged in sports activities despite instructions to discontinue. However, the physical therapist (PT) initiated three weeks’ therapeutic...
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The nature and art of effective leadership. Here, I want you to explore issues of power, delegation, job enrichment versus job enlargement. Are leaders born or made Leadership style will be dependent upon the circumstances and situation in which you are

... and responsibility and therefore, there is need for consultation in all decision-making. The style may also be collaborative in nature, which involves every person within the organization in the leadership, and there is no need for control or power for effective leadership. Depending on the circumstances that an organization finds itself in, it is important that it chooses the best leadership style that will enable it meet its goals or achievements. This requires that there is a clear balance between the issues of power, delegation and job enrichment as compared to job empowerment for effective leadership of an organization. Power Leaders in the present organizations do work in socially complex environments where they need the assistance...
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Delegation: Communication and Accountability , Ethical Decision-Making

...or confidential issues that the person is not allowed to access. Considering the right person, tasks that require specific skills, knowledge and attitudes can only be delegated to a person who has such qualities. The right communication implies that a task will be appropriate for delegation if there are clear instructions and information concerning it. Lastly, a task that requires a certain level supervision and monitoring, cannot be delegated unless that level of monitoring and supervision is available. These rights of delegation are applied in decisions concerning what tasks a manager will delegate and to whom the tasks will be...
1 Pages(250 words)Coursework


...that is being delegated. Tasks that have a predictable outcome and which are done in similar ways can be delegated, such as, taking blood pressure. Even though a person allowed to and can perform a certain task, the circumstances need to be considered before delegation. More complicated tasks should not be delegated. For example, tasks such as ambulating a patient can be delegated to a nurse assistant. However, tasks involving a patient who is post-op for a hip replacement and who has a history of anemia and hypotension would not be appropriate to delegate. Conclusion Appropriate activities that need to be considered in...
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Delegation in Nursing Practice

... faced by the General Practice Team and the demand of the changing ways of delivering health care services. Such assistants are gradually taking on the work that was previously done by the Registered nurses only. Most of this delegation comes from these registered nurses. Careful delegation is very important and needs to take care of several issues and questions. It is important to take this delegation job seriously and handle with discretion because improper delegation or delegation to the wrong or inappropriate personnel might pose a threat to life itself. As far as the history of nursing is concerned, delegation in nursing has been observed and practiced during the 1800s when Florence Nightingale has been quoted to have said...
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Why Delegation Is So Important

...Why is delegation so important for entrepreneurs who are making the transition from an entrepreneurial venture to diversified managerial operations of the growth stage? A person’s ability to accomplish a task may be assessed according to the level of the assignments that he can complete, as well as to the height of quality of such task that had been carried out. Indeed, the capacity to attain an undertaking can not possibly be based on the amount alone. It should always be quality against quantity. Common mistakes of entrepreneurs---who, of course---only wish the best for the business, is that they try to get all things done by themselves. Undeniably, they may really be good; much better than the regular employees...
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Delegation of Human Resource Responsibilities to Line Managers

...managers and employees; and (5) HR team can focus on its function as a specialist and strategic associate. Human Resource Responsibilities of Line Managers The view dominates that several advantages exist in delegating line managers as facilitators of people. The subsequent major premises for delegation of HR responsibilities to line managers are suggested by several intellectuals: permitting HRD resolutions to be adjusted to the actual requirements and situations at the stage of operation; enhancing the work environment and employee relations; facilitating more productive decision making because of closer communication, and others (Francis & Keegan 2006). Primarily, the task of a line manager is...
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