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How Does The Outdoor Environment Support Children's Personal, Social And Emotion Development - Essay Example

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The author of the present paper aims to investigate how does the outdoor environment support children's personal, social and emotion development. The paper also reveals the importance of different children education approaches and analyses them…
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How Does The Outdoor Environment Support Childrens Personal, Social And Emotion Development
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Download file to see previous pages Concentration, an important constituent for the development of child, declines following prolonged exposure to classrooms (Pellegrini and Davis, 1993). Thus, this gives roof to the need of playgrounds and outdoor games for the instillation of the lost concentration. Playgrounds, the main instillers of self-confidence and self-esteem need to replicate nature. They also need to provide an opportunity to children to learn from experiment, risk, and control of the environment. It is also essential for the playgrounds to serve better by being responsive to each and every child. These playgrounds meeting the need of children might often appear a little messy and disorganized to the adult (Moore, 1986).
The present need is to realise the existent need for well-designed playgrounds for the development of self-esteem in the school children (Titman's 1994). It has long been noted by Sucklin (1981) that social skills known, learned, and practiced on the playground during recess are important even for the later development of children. This is also essential because before the beginning of adolescence, children relate to the surrounding world mainly through their senses and bodily movement, which is greatly motivated by the outdoor environment’s freedom and diversity. This holds a more powerful stand for the green environments in close intimacy. (Kuo & Sullivan, 2002).
The social and emotional development of the children also gets influenced by the availability and easy reach of the outdoor facilities and resources. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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