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Eroding Local Control & The Influence and Climate - Essay Example

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The reporter states that over the past years, the management of local schools has yielded policymaking discretion to bureaucracies and state legislatures. States have established local controls as a measure of ensuring sufficient funding, high standards of education, and curricular content…
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Eroding Local Control & The Influence and Climate
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Download file to see previous pages However, schools can perform best under instances where they undertake the responsibilities on their own without government intervention. The state should provide the resources that are necessary for the running of a school and leave the other responsibilities to the management. At times, the state education departments emerge as sluggish bureaucracies who have goals which are contradictory and not adaptable to the diverse local contexts (Brimley and Garfield, 2008, p. 73). This makes the state control over education less effective, and thus people do not prefer them.
For a school to run in an efficient manner there should be various departments that should ensure that the school runs properly as the management intends. The administration of a school should incorporate various administrators and supervisory personnel who should oversee that all the operations of the schools are running smoothly. The administrative units in a school should entirely depend on the subjects that the school offers. There should be a department that deals with issues regarding the administration of students. This will ensure that all matters concerning admission and maintenance of students’ records are successful. The management should also set a department to deal with an examination in the school. The administration can assess the performance of students through offering examination in the school. There should be a department for the school of science and another for the school of arts. These will ensure that the departments represented in an effective manner all students who take science and art courses in the school. The department will cater for the requirement of the courses which are certainly vital to the success of the course. This is an indispensable department that the administration should ensure that it is efficient for students to succeed in their studies (Brimley and Garfield, 2008, p. 81). The management should also establish a department to deal with the employees of the school. 
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