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Using Of Natural And Eco-Friendly Materials - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Using Of Natural And Eco-Friendly Materials" discusses environmentally friendly fashion refers to fashion that aims at preserving the environment, or apparels that use organic materials, or recycles materials to develop a fashion that does not deplete those natural resources…
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Using Of Natural And Eco-Friendly Materials
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Extract of sample "Using Of Natural And Eco-Friendly Materials"

Download file to see previous pages Environmentally friendly fashion is good for the universe, is good for human beings, is good for animals, and lasts for a long time. The environmentally friendly fashion is, therefore, sensitive to the environment using the advancing technology to create recycled and synthetic materials. The environmentally friendly fashion aims at creating a balance in nature through preservation of biodiversity. The environmentally friendly fashion strikes a balance between profit, people, and the planet (Stapley-Ponikowski para. 4).
Every product is created from raw materials and energy. The raw materials that make the make these products have different effects on the environment. The manufacturer is required by the law to use products that have minimal damage to the environment. To be able to achieve this feat the manufacturer has to consider the following options while creating his product (Sympatico Clothing para. 7).
The material that is used to create plays a vital role in the amount of damage the environment has on the environment. Products created from materials that are less harmful to the environment have less damage than those made from harmful materials. Heavy metals such as lead and mercury affect our environment causing endless loss of lives to the flora and fauna. Companies seeking to protect our universe from extinction should use less harmful materials to manufacture their products (Stapley-Ponikowski para. 5).
To limit the amount of damage caused to the environmental organizations should consider using a reduced amount of material to create their products. The use of a smaller amount of materials will require the company to critique whether their product would still be viable after the reduction. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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