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Nike and Labour Laws - The Seattle University Should Eliminate Its Contract to Supply SU-Logoed Apparel - Essay Example

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This paper "Nike and Labour Laws - The Seattle University Should Eliminate Its Contract to Supply SU-Logoed Apparel" focuses on the fact that weighing the benefits and disadvantages involved in the contract, the school would better off not getting into the contract.  …
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Nike and Labour Laws - The Seattle University Should Eliminate Its Contract to Supply SU-Logoed Apparel
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Extract of sample "Nike and Labour Laws - The Seattle University Should Eliminate Its Contract to Supply SU-Logoed Apparel"

Download file to see previous pages As the development of most of the products sold in the school took place in the bdevelop0ing countries, it is apparent that the company considered this move in order to cut expenses involved in the manufacturing process. Currently, most companies set up manufacturing plants in the developing countries in order to take advantage of cheap labour. Amid the increasing population growth, most people in the developing countries are jobless. Even those that have jobs are inadequate to sustain their lives. As such, foreign multinationals, in an effort to increase their levels of profits take the advantage of this situation in these countries. Further, most of these countries have weak labour laws. Because their governments are desperate to attract investors into the countries in order to help in job creation, they develop labour laws that encourage external investors to set up plants in the countries. The result of this is an increase in the level of poverty for these workers.
With weak laws and governance structures, the multinationals show no concern in providing good incentives to the people. Rather, workers struggle in poor working conditions, with poor working contracts and low salaries. In other instances, they work for long hours and rarely receive any leaves. Nike, taking advantage of this situation also established its operations in these countries in an effort to increase its profitability.
According to Dunn (2010), n its current position, Nike does not observe fair labour practices, especially for the plants in the developing countries. Subsequently, it became a reason for scrutiny for its labour practices. The company in most cases does not train its employees for the kind of work they handle. According to Butler (2010), Nike’s inhuman conditions are a source of suffering and increased diseases for most of its workers. Treating the working conditions of its workers shows the company’s negligence in protecting humanity, argues Butler (2010). However, its abuse of child labour is the main reason why the company has faced numerous accusations on its lack of labour ethics.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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