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Design and Installation - Assignment Example

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The author of this assignment "Design and Installation" comments on the designing mechanisms, namely, the kitchen prototype. According to the text, this prototype will give an analysis of how a kitchenware can be well installed to help in the construction of a kitchen device. …
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Design and Installation
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Download file to see previous pages In carrying out these activities, the engineer will use a combination of the User Experience Model and the Visual (model) types. This will help in inviting the active human interaction as the engineer aspires to realize a more extensive research that will obviously lead to a more profound result as per the demands of the client.
When the engineer opts for the user experience model, a combination of tools and materials are used. The material used in this prototype is plywood and CNC machined components and the RP processes. It is not constructed using from scratch, but using industrial CT scanning techniques.
On the other hand, the use of the visual prototype will help in creating a more aesthetic appeal to make the structure have an attractive color, appearance, and texture that will, of course, make the product be appealing to the intended users to admire it properly. This is the surest way through which the prototype specialist will ensure that the real product is simulated. Hence, it will be so cheaper to have this prototype in place than it would be practically possible if the product is designed.
The computer software can be used to help in creating the computer model prototype that will help in making a good prototype for the product intended to be made. This in itself is essential in helping to design a more appropriate product with the required weight and appropriate size and shape to aid in an admirably good final product (Howard A. P., 2009).
On the other hand, the in situ concrete is the type of slab that is constructed at the exact site of the building. It requires the investor to avail all the required materials (sand, cement, and hardcore) together with the essential tools (spade, trowel, plump bob and others) and the necessary expertise required in this process. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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