Hofstede Cultural Dimensions Power Distance between America and Brazil - Essay Example

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This essay bases on Hofstede’s theory of cultural dimension, power distance is in line with the willingness of a specific culture to accept differences in power distribution. Brazil is high in power distance.This means this country’s culture is more willing to accept variations in power…
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Hofstede Cultural Dimensions Power Distance between America and Brazil
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Download file to see previous pages Since Brazil’s culture is ultimately high in power distance, bureaucracy is of high importance giving much more power to whom or which authority is found. For instance, religious and spiritual practices in Brazil contribute to the kind of order in governance and socio-politics in the country and further influence power distribution (Garmany, 2010). This means that the majority would find it important not to oppose decisions of religious leaders. On the contrary, in the US, one could expect autocracy, as there is a high sense of giving everyone freedom to express oneself. The very proof is the implementation of same-sex marriage from some states; a manifestation that the country may potentially disregard some powerful views on governance and socio-political issues and that there is a strong urge to demand more for self-expression (Sherkat et al., 2011).
Therefore, demanding for self-expression in the US at some point may not be that effective within the bound of cultural orientation in Brazil based on Hofstede’s theory of power distance. Loyalty and favoritism are among the common manifestations in Brazil leading to the point that whoever is in power deserves to have these (Evans et al., 2008). Thus, Brazil remarkably would require respect prominent voices in the society. As a result, in this country and within almost every organization, it is from the higher rank which both idea and decision usually would come from, while it might not be necessarily the case in the US. In the US, everyone, provided having a good point, could freely express opinions and ideas and implement significant actions for the benefit of the country or organization. In fact, in the US, prominent public figures are not exempted from the law, showing no favoritism on their part.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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