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Murals of Mexico - Essay Example

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The essay "Murals of Mexico" analyzes the work of the muralists which did not only impact Mexicans but also the contemporary artists witnessed the incredible spectacle of the modern renaissance of mural painting in Mexico and around the globe. …
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Murals of Mexico
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Download file to see previous pages It is also after the Mexican revolution that a group of Mexican muralist formed an art movement known as the Mexican Muralism. The Mexican Muralism which I earlier told you about began in the period around the 1920s and it only lasted for approximately 2 decades before the Mexican mural could be taken over by the modern mural artists. It is through these murals in this museum and in other buildings out there that our lovely country-Mexico enhanced its image globally especially in the developed world where most of the renowned Mexican muralists paid a visit and exhibited their artistic potential.
Certainly, these murals bring about revolutionary themes to the mind of people whenever you came across them. The murals were also important tools of championing the social cause of the oppressed in the society. They expressed strong post revolutionary statements and positions at personal, social, artistic and political levels considering that the artists used the murals to express their opinions, beliefs, and position in relation to a particular issue at hand. These murals were also used for upholding the Mexican culture and religious stance considering that they tell stories about the gods, significant ceremonies as well as scenes experienced in the early life of the Mexicans. One of the greatest mural works in the Museum of Modern Art involves Diego Rivera frescos of the Agrarian Leader Zapata. Diego Rivera is renowned for transforming the Mexican art industry and his work on the Emiliano Zapata was an exceptional masterpiece. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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