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How Do Products of the Imagination Construct Sense of Place - Essay Example

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Using few examples of popular artists (like Dali, Kubrick, Burgess, The Sex Pistols etc ) the author is reviewing the Thayer’s kaleidoscope as possible way of thinking and imagination method…
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How Do Products of the Imagination Construct Sense of Place
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Download file to see previous pages It is the words that an author pens that bring together the image of character in time and place and give rise to a stage upon which the words come to life in a reader’s mind. It is the contours and mixture of color in a range space and texture that creates in the viewer’s mind an interpretation of artist’s paintings; or the poet’s words that, while meaning little to one person, touch a place in the emotions of another such as to cause tears to flow from that person’s eyes. It is the expressed imagination of someone that causes another by way of his/her own imagination to move through time and space to a place that exists because of the creative machinations of the creator. In his book Life Place: Biorgeional Thought and Practice, Robert Thayer, Jr., writes, “To live in a place well certainly requires an imagination, humanity mires in mediocrity and stagnation; to imagine, to create, is to survive and thrive (Thayer, Robert Life Place ). Thayer goes on to suggest that “True creativity has an other-worldliness to it (put page # only ).” Like the poet Andre’ Breton, who said, “Existence is elsewhere (Gaultier, Alyse 11),” Thayer, like Breton, is suggesting that the greatest level of creativity is the manifestation of that place where only the imagination takes us. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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