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The Full Description and Exact Meanings of the Obtained Results - Research Paper Example

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This paper gives full information about the hypothesis and what the entire laboratory will be all about. This may include both independent and depended variables involved in the experiment, hence give the reader adequate information at a glance what to expect after reading it…
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The Full Description and Exact Meanings of the Obtained Results
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Extract of sample "The Full Description and Exact Meanings of the Obtained Results"

Download file to see previous pages The experiment ought to have a hypothesis, which in this case is specific, brief and giving independent variable as well as expected outcome in the depended variable. In most cases, this is only in the form of a statement expounding the core relationship that characterizes the entire phenomenon. Its structure should be in such a way to catch the attention of the reader by giving him or her aim of conducting this experiment. The report should also give detailed information concerning varied materials used in the study and followed procedure. Hence, highlighting how and when one carried out the entire experiment. This encompasses outlining used experimental design, equipment, procedure and mode of analyzing data. In addition, the method and materials’ section addresses control measures that were essential throughout the entire procedure such that the reader can effectively understand the entire process. This is to the extent he or she can accurately repeat the method without making any errors that might occur due to misinformation or incorrectly set method. If it is possible, one can utilize diagrams or images of the already set apparatus with the intention of giving the reader view of how the experiment’s set up should appear to in case it is very complex. This section also entails a vivid description of all apparatus and any other types of equipment used throughout the entire procedure. In comparison with other sections, the most outstanding feature about this section is the use of both past and active tenses. Since information relayed in this section includes actions that have already taken place. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Full Description and Exact Meanings of the Obtained Results Research Paper - 84)
The Full Description and Exact Meanings of the Obtained Results Research Paper - 84.
“The Full Description and Exact Meanings of the Obtained Results Research Paper - 84”, n.d.
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