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Personal Reflection on My Dressing - Essay Example

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This essay "Personal Reflection on My Dressing" describes the manifestation of personality through clothing and body adornment presents beliefs and values. Moreover, the writer expresses his values, religious beliefs, and ideological perspectives through his dressing…
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Personal Reflection on My Dressing
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Download file to see previous pages As such, I do not wear tight clothes, revealing clothes, or any clothes that disregard my cultural ethics. Indeed, my cultural beliefs and respect for my traditions define my dressing and body adornment. My personal beliefs and values forbid me from wearing clothes that will expose my masculinity. Moreover, I dress to satisfy my emotions and to remain fashionable. I also consider my position in the society and the need to respect others while dressing. As I seek to maintain my dignity, I do not envy body adornments like tattoos since they demean personal beliefs and cultural values, which forbid men from body adornments. I believe in time management and hence I wear watches and choose stylish dressing to keep pace with the modern fashions. Assuredly, I dress to please myself and remain ethical in the diverse society. The main factor that defines my choice of clothing is to express my feelings and represent my personal beliefs and values. Moreover, the need to remain ethical and manifest professionalism influences my dressing decisions and choices. In addition, my cultural values and parental guidance influence my choice of dressing as I seek to respect my parents and tradition through my dressing. Notably, my parents are the custodians of my cultural dressing beliefs. Nevertheless, the need to embrace modernity and remain fashionable forces me to balance between cultures and fashion in my dressing. The weather also influences my dressing choices as I seek to adapt to different climates and remain healthy. Moreover, my sporting needs and decency requirements define my dressing. The need to visit different venues also defines my dressing choices since the workplace and attending lectures will require specific clothing. I also choose my dressing with reference to the respect, ethics, and morality that I seek to present to the society. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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