Narrative Story: Act According to Your Real Nature - Essay Example

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The writer of this essay "Narrative Story: Act According to Your Real Nature" looks for true nature "Who am I?". The writer wants to be able to act according to one’s real nature of a man who can make positive contributions to the culture and way of life of the world…
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Narrative Story: Act According to Your Real Nature
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Download file to see previous pages Somehow, he seemed to sense that something was troubling me and, a few days before our tutor-student relationship came to a close, he asked me to open up to him. Maybe, he said, he could be of help? Even at my tender age, I knew that he would be able to understand and help me far better than my parents because he would not scoff at my thoughts nor tell me that I will learn about everything in due time. We sat in our family sitting area that last afternoon of our session, eating a snack while I opened up to him about all my doubts and fears regarding the upcoming new chapter in my life. As expected, he sat in rapt attention, listening to me and nodding his head to let me know that he understood what I was going through. He never interrupted me and allowed me to air all of my fears and questions before he spoke. And when he did speak, it was like the heavens had sent someone to help me sort out my life even before I ventured into the world all alone for the first time. I considered the advice that he gave me at the time priceless. In fact, it is his words of wisdom that have helped me grow and develop as a person even today. I will never forget what he told me because it became the platform and basis for everything that I do in my life today. He told me: Always remember that there are three things that will help you find yourself in this maddening world of noise and unfair expectations coming from those around you. First of all, always speak according to the occasion. If you have nothing nice to say about something, it will always be best to bite your tongue. The less you say about a topic of the occasion, the more intelligent you will appear to other people. Second, controlling your anger and using logical words instead of hurtful actions will always be of a great benefit to you as people will come to respect you for your self-control. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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