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Year of the Pig: 2019 Most Accurate Zodiac Predictions for Students


The upcoming Chinese year of the Yellow Earth Pig starts on 5th of February, 2019. This year would close the twelve-year cycle of the eastern calendar. Generally, it promises excellent chances to make money or investing.

Moreover, 2019 would be perfect to initiate romantic relationships, meet new people or widen your network. It is said, that the year of the Pig, due to its last place in a cycle, is great to draw the bottom line to old troubles and issues. This year might bring some levity to life so that people would be less bothered with their future, and more concentrated on living to the max in the present.  

We have gathered the most accurate predictions for each eastern Zodiac sign. Learn what this year brings into your life and studies.

The Rat: what to expect in 2019
The Rat: what to expect in 2019?

It is a year of great opportunities. Astrologers predict success in both, financial and personal aspects. Still, your work and studies may bring several unpleasant surprises. In 2019, you may be placed into the unfamiliar environment, and your creativity would be held down with the feeling that you are investing your last reserve force to studies and get nothing instead. Note! This year is your last chance to make up your decision about the career.

In 2019 you will be engaged in charity and volunteering, but the reward for it won’t come fast. This year promises a lot of luck in personal life and love affairs.

The Ox: what to expect in 2019
The Ox: what to expect in 2019?

In 2019 the Ox won’t be deprived of success. Astrologers promise that next year will bring you an expansion of influence. Lonely Oxen are about to find a soulmate. Some even would create a family.

If you were born under the sign of Ox, you should also expect financial success from the year of Pig. Your finances would go up, and you will stop worrying about money. Astrologers advise paying more attention to yourself. Do not let the wealth blind you, remember about charity and volunteering.

The Tiger: what to expect in 2019
The Tiger: what to expect in 2019?

Tigers will gain maximum results in the year of the Pig. All your efforts will be generously rewarded. However, astrologers warn against any changes regarding your major or career. You definitely have to finish everything you have ever started.

Your loved ones would be by your side during the whole year; you can boldly rely on them. It is recommended to stay away from troubles not related to you in the first place.

The Rabbit: what to expect in 2019?
The Rabbit: what to expect in 2019?

In 2019, Rabbits can expect a huge boost in their academic record and career. You will constantly be ahead of the crowd and win over competitors. Still, for that huge success, you would need to master a new field of activity and gain a lot of new knowledge. Also, in 2019, astrologers recommend you to stay tolerant and warn you against impulsive decisions.

Stay cautious about personal life; your soulmate might turn crazy with jealousy. Take good care of your health; it may deteriorate.

The Dragon: what to expect in 2019
The Dragon: what to expect in 2019?

The year 2019 is bringing a lot of happiness and well-being to Dragons. You will enjoy your life, and all the worries would be left aside. Next year your self-confidence and optimism would rise. It would help you reach heights in your studies and personal life. Also, 2019 will give you a chance to find the best suiting career for you, learn an exciting profession and fall in love.

Dreams of creative Dragons would quickly come true. Most of your ideas will be realized in the autumn, and you will learn how to profitably use your talents. If Dragon takes a risk to start his own business, he will get a chance to boost his finances.

The Snake: what to expect in 2019
The Snake: what to expect in 2019?

In 2019, Snakes are expected to increase their self-esteem and confidence. Thanks to this you will be able to boost your academic record and get to the top of the students’ list. Astrologers advise you to pay attention not only to studying issues but also to your appearance. During next year you are encouraged to visit various beauty shops and take good care of your body. Also, it would be great to take care of your health. Sports and diet should be your priority.

Next year may be a success for those Snakes who have planned to change their place of residence. Astrologers say that in 2019 these plans can come true, and be successful. Also, in 2019, Snakes are encouraged to follow their needs and stop listening to unfaithful advisers.

The Horse: what to expect in 2019
The Horse: what to expect in 2019?

The year 2019 will be full of rewards for the Horses. The more they would work, the more benefits they’d receive. Horoscope promises a huge academic performance increase, great career opportunities and a lot of success in the financial sphere. The Horse will also be lucky in love affairs, as the horoscope promises a meeting with soulmate in 2019.

Still, Horses should take good care of their health. Have a good rest, set up personal diet regime and visit doctors due to the plan. Leave weekends for yourself, practice yoga and meditation, take long walks outside.

The Goat: what to expect in 2019
The Goat: what to expect in 2019?

In 2019, astrologers advise Goats to give up laziness and chase the best opportunities thrown by destiny. Also, people born under the sign of the Goat are about to become more responsible. Keep track of everything you say. Try to show yourself as best you can in your studies and career, and in the spring you can be noticed and generously rewarded.

Goats are not expecting huge changes in their personal life during 2019. There is a high possibility to start a short affair with a colleague or classmate. But those relations won’t be promising. Astrologers predict harmony and happiness to those Goats, who already have family and children.

The Monkey: what to expect in 2019
The Monkey: what to expect in 2019?

Monkeys are promised to have a generous, friendly and supportive year. You will have the opportunity to realize most of the secret desires. Good luck and happiness will be your permanent companion, especially in arts and personal life. The most successful period will be the beginning of 2019. You are about to meet an influential person who will help you find the best place for you.

Single Monkeys will find their soulmates. Also, representatives of this sign may face temporary financial difficulties, but friends and relatives would give them a hand.

The Rooster: what to expect in 2019?
The Rooster: what to expect in 2019?

If the Rooster would keep calm during the year, he would be accompanied with good luck and success in finances and personal life. Try to be less aggressive and bothersome, don’t let your temper ruin your academic reputation and personal affairs. Still, some Roosters are strongly advised to be more initiative and perseverant to save their relationships. Otherwise, keeping silence, not talking about feelings and inaction would lead to an inevitable end of the relationship.

In 2019, astrologers advise Roosters to avoid adventures and ventures. It would be better to pay more attention to health and having a good rest.

The Dog: what to expect in 2019
The Dog: what to expect in 2019?

The year 2019 would be a quiet period for Dogs. No worries or major problems are foreseen. Dogs will get a chance to implement their plans and dreams. Everything you are working on or planning to do would be translated into action. In 2019, Dogs are recommended to focus on their feelings and stop being afraid to express them. This would boost your chances to be successful in love affairs.

Also in 2019, it is recommended to pay a lot of attention to your health. Stay away from junk food, fatty, and spicy dishes. Sports and diet should be your priority.

The Pig: what to expect in 2019
The Pig: what to expect in 2019?

Those who were born under the sign of the Pig are promised to have a fruitful and happy period. There will be permanent luck in love, work, and finances. To achieve success in society and create strong contacts, Pigs would need to become more active and ingenious.

Single Pigs would meet their soulmate and even create a family during this year. The representatives of a sign with family won’t be left alone in troubles and would feel full support from relatives. However, while dealing with other people's problems, be careful and remember your own life. Protect your body from overload and worries, leave yourself more free time and have rest. Astrologers recommend Pigs to be more optimistic and enjoy the little things in life.

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