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YouTube Top 10 Most Viewed Educational Videos

YouTube Top 10 Most Viewed Educational Videos

When was the last time you watched YouTube videos? It seems we do it every single day through social media or YouTube channels. It is the video hosting platform we believe has anything we’d request. And YouTube can actually match your query with a variety of surprising results since it takes the second place of popular search engines after its owner Google. Sure, it takes some time to filter all the request results, especially if you look for something specific like Norton Lilly Case Study. When I searched YouTube for the most viewed educational videos, I spent a couple of hours gathering and analyzing data only. So, here are the best videos watched by those people who strive to develop, relax or just have a few gigs.

#1 How will modern education look like?

What would you feel coming into the classroom and seeing someone trapped in the cage? It is only an insight of what can happen with our education system, teachers, and students who are bred in the atmosphere of social media hypersensitive culture and political correctness. I guess this is the case when a bit of rudeness should exist in this world of paradox.

#2 How to write 90 pages in 72 hours?

If you are the one who procrastinates all the time, you should watch this video to understand how the procrastinator’s mind works. You’ll find out how to get rid of a gratification monkey in you and how to make all the things done easier.

#3 What’s an animated education system in 11 minutes?

This video has taken more than 14 million views since 2010 and has kept being as popular even 6 years after. Just look at the number of recent comments below. This animated video is based on the talk of a famous education and creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson.

#4 Can you actually draw if you’ve thought all your life that you can’t?

The process of drawing shouldn’t be perceived as something available only for the people endowed with such a talent. This video is a Ted Talk experiment that shows how almost any person can draw following the tips in this tutorial. The illusion of inability to do something has been engraved in our minds since childhood. But what if any person could draw and express one’s feelings through the pictures?

#5 Is it possible to learn a language in half a year?

The secret of mastering a new language lies in expanding our limits and this short video tutorial shows how to achieve it using 5 principles and 7 actions during 6 months of breakthrough studying.

#6 How to become a successful person having 7 habits formed?

If you actually expect the world help you become highly effective, you’ll certainly fail because there’s nothing more self-deceptive than trusting anyone but yourself. And to begin trusting yourself you should form at least 7 habits that can lead to success.

#7 How do you benefit from being bilingual?

Being fluent in two languages gives you not only better job advantages but also a chance to engage all your brainpower and stay mentally healthy for a long time. Find out what type of bilingual brain you have and why it’s so important to begin learning a second language right now.

#8 How to make the right choice and do not regret after?

Critical thinking needs tempering and you should first reveal bias and manipulation, use scrutiny and skepticism to get to the most reliable information. This video got its popularity since it offers a 5-step process to the problem which can any person apply.

#9 Why is sleep a critical function that influences our study results?

Did you know that when you sleep your body and mind still works? Of course, you don’t feel how it regulates different processes in you but it actually does. Watch this video and you’ll see what an extra hour of sleep means for your mental and physical health.

#10 Can it actually take 20 hours to learn anything you need?

The most practical TED Talk shows how to reach your goal and acquire any skill you need in 20 hours exactly. The video reveals some mental tricks on how to get good at things with a little bit of practice.


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