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TOP 14 Ideas On How To Spend Valentine’s Day

for both couples and singles

Valentine's Day is all about huge sentimental motions, a ton of plays on words and a large measure of treats. This day is your official permission to express your love freely, act silly or even crazy and have as much fun as you want!

This year, I've chosen to make a rundown of Valentine's Day thoughts that are somewhere in between insane and brilliant—because, you know, why not have the funniest, most absurd February 14 ever?

Despite your relationship status, Valentine's Day ought to be entertaining! Considering that, I've created a casual manual for having your coolest Valentine's Day ever.

Here are 14 most distinct thoughts to create your ideal V-Day.

If You Have a Date

Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to be creative and impress your soulmate with an unexpected date!

#1. Have a bonfire. An insanely romantic day on your backyard!

#2. Go dancing. But for real, not to the club. Learn salsa or tango.

#3. Cook a dinner together. That may turn to be the most romantic evening you’ve ever had!

#4. Read poetry. Not at home, make it public, or secretly in a library. Read love letters of famous people. Write your own letters and read them out loud to each other.

#5. Visit a town/place you always wanted. Exploring new locations is both exciting and romantic.

#6. Buy a special present. There surely is something your soulmate misses. This should be a deeply touching and emotional present, not another smartphone or expensive jewelry.

#7. Add a pinch of magic. Visit a psychic, read tarot cards, get personal horoscope, take a picture of your auras. That can be both funny and unexpected.

If You Go Solo

Even if you don’t have a date for Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t automatically turn you into sad toast. There are dozens of ways to make this day pleasant!

#8. Arrange a meeting with someone you love. No soulmate? Well, you still have your dearest friends, parents and relatives. Go on and spend some precious time together!

#9. Have a ‘Me-day.’ Plan several pleasant activities you have always put aside. Visite spa, go shopping, or visit places you like most.

#10. Complement a stranger. You never know how it ends! Maybe it would start a great friendship or even romantic relationships.

#11. Take a dancing class. Dancing is a powerful tool to make you happy. Try it once, and you won’t stop ever again!

#12. Go volunteering. Nothing can be more inspirational than helping others. Or saving animals. Pure love!

#13. Plan something crazy. Like skydiving or bungee jumping. You won’t be less excited, that you would’ve been on a date!

#14. Plan a night in or a night out, depending on what you like. Introverts would prefer a movie night at home, while extraverts would go wild and rock the city!

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