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Each of us has a favorite TV show. It does not matter if you’re a girl or guy: there is a number of excellent television series for all audiences. We have collected, reviewed, and selected best TV series ever. You may agree or disagree on our preferences… Then, develop your own chart and post it with us. You need to include at least 10 TV series and SHARE this post with your friends in order to participate in our competition.

We will select the winners randomly by the end of this month. You’ll be informed immediately.


Buffy, the Vampire Slayer

StudentShare Top TV Series Ever-1

Sorry, I could not keep away from including it on the list. I hate Sarah Michelle Gellar, but Eliza Dushku as Faith, Nicholas Brendon as Xander, and James Marsters as Spike are all great guys with excellent humor and sexuality. In addition, I love the tricks although they may seem primitive.

Joss Whedon 4EVER!!!


StudentShare Top TV Series Ever-2

Yes, I could not resist adding up these two sexy guys to the list. But while most of you prefer Jensen Ackles, my rock spirit would choose Jared Padalecki because of his hair and pretty face…goin’ to hell.

Jumping into the cool black car, throwing a shotgun with silver bullets in the trunk of and searching for some evil to kick its ass – that’s the way the majority of its episodes ends. These TV series are made of rock-n-roll, and it sounds like rock’n’roll when two charismatic demon hunters ride across the United States creating the atmosphere of a dark, but very funny romance. Who will jump out from behind a corner?


StudentShare Top TV Series Ever-3

I’ll tell you what: even my dad is crazy about this show despite he hates watching “soap”. Well, any TV series are considered “soap opera”. It’s just the matter of genre, cast, and value.

This story has its value for sure. It has nothing to do with fun unlike most of the representatives of this chart. However, this one teaches us how to survive. It is impossible to watch this show from the middle or skip a few episodes. It is confusing and pretty much close to the ideal. And it is involved in the row of lawsuits due to the number of people trying to copy it.

South Park

StudentShare Top TV Series Ever-4

Of course, there is no way to skip these lovely Pokemon. Eric Cartman and Kenny McCormick are two little perfect men for me: Cartman is the benchmark for revelation while Kenny is just a cutie. The other two guys and the rest of the team are all racy characters as well.

I would call it a “life-giving” fountain of ridiculous stuff with a satire right on its target. Recently, the governments of different countries issued a warning to the show’s distributors. According to them, South Park is an insult to all that is sacred. It is a pity that the only feeling all the worshipers lack is a sense of humor.

The Simpsons

StudentShare Top TV Series Ever-5

An all-time favorite TV episodes. No, really, I still love greatest beer admirer for ages, Homer, I’m still in love with Burt, I make laugh of Marge’s weird hair, I am sick and tired of Lisa, and I always knew there’s something special about Maggie.

The main feature of the show is that the entire family never gets older. Burt got stuck in his fourth grade, not because of his poor brain (otherwise, why would Lisa remain in the same grade from year-to-year as well?), but because of this peculiarity. This approach fairly worked: people don’t want to see their idols growing up. They keep the beat at the same level thanks to their immortality and stability, and it works with famous ‘d’oh’ almost 25 years since the first episode’s release. This is so unbelievable it seems that the Simpsons are more realistic and meaningful than some of the State Institutions or the Ministry of Culture. Or… Is it blasphemy to say so?

The Big Bang Theory

StudentShare Top TV Series Ever-6

Now this one is absolutely expected in our rating. Here comes the world first show which is focused on the phenomenon of "the nerd" more than any other shows. We get acquainted with the smart guy from physics class, whose genius prevents him from chatting with real girls.

It came across as a very funny television series capable of attracting a female audience. You’ll meet a lot of known faces from Charmed, Buffy, and other popular shows of past ages such as Kaley Cuoco, Eliza Dushku, DJ Qualls, Rick Fox, Summer Glau, Kevin Smith, and even Charlie Sheen.

House, M.D.

StudentShare Top TV Series Ever-7

Well, some people got a bit tired of this one. But still there is no doubt Mr. House is the fount of wisdom, cynicism and gallows humor at the same time. And it’s impressive how such individuals manage to work with people and even help them with their problems. Perhaps, it only looks like Hugh Laurie’s hero has no heart or soul.

Cerebral vasculitis, gonococcal endocarditis, and the rest of the vocabulary “pearls” are all one big headache for translators, and a “music to the ears” of fans of the grim doctor with a crutch. It’s just another proof that the success of the series is not based on the subject only but is due to the quality cast and well-structured history.

Game of Thrones

StudentShare Top TV Series Ever-8

Never watched before, but the frequency of references to this show forced me to do so. And… I was pleasantly surprised to discover a lot of familiar faces.

Who could ever thought that it would be possible to watch a movie with the ‘tit-tit-backout’ wings of dragons and the characters who call each other "my heaven and stars" without an ironic smirk on the face? However, this third place definitely belongs to Game of Thrones! Peter Dinklage has got the shtick despite his small height. By the way, I was amazed by his performance in Pixels as well as the movie itself.


StudentShare Top TV Series Ever-9

The Simpsons followers have most probably checked this one out. To get the main idea of these television series, imagine Simpsons would have real actors instead of the cartoon. The density of jokes here is even higher than in "Friends". The production theme makes the uninitiated watcher think that a show is all about a hospital, but it is not so. Watch only MTV version!


StudentShare Top TV Series Ever-10

And the award goes … to the guy with the Turkey on his head. For many years, I have had the feeling that by clicking on the channels you’ll see "Friends" on at least one of them. You may throw eggs and tomatoes at me, but I personally hate this TV show. I don’t like the appearance of all five guys (except for Matt LeBlanc thanks to his starring in Charlie’s Angels. But the fact remains: this is still a top favorite show of the American population despite the audience’s gender, age, or social status. Because of it, Jennifer Aniston has at least a few fans in contrast to the number of her haters from “Brad Pitt army of admirers”. By the way, how comes they were married?

Anyway, its screenwriters, producers, and director believe the show is that popular thanks to the fact all of the characters were often present in many episodes. For instance, if Phoebe went on a date, we would see a brisk retelling of the events instead of the boring date itself. After all, the actresses are rather funny unlike most of the Hollywood beauty standards.

StudentShare Top TV Series Ever-11



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