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Miss America 2015 Gets Flak over Plastic Red Cup

The new Miss America coming from New York has shared some secrets of her success that has nothing to do with her famous winning little red cup. While numerous social media users continue to pan Kira Kazantsev for plastic cup usage during the talent stage of beauty contest finale in Atlantic City, she doesn’t give up. New Miss America seems cheerful and full of energy.

Kazantsev says she realizes the responsibility she obtained after performing Pharrell Williams’ “Happy.” Tapping a cup on the floor was exactly what she wanted to do.


“There are so many more important issues in this world that people should be worried about than my plastic cup,” she told the AP Monday morning after taking the traditional dip in the Atlantic City surf the morning after winning the crown. “However, like Miss America, everything I do is scrutinized and I understand that. That’s part of the job.”Miss America 2015 Gets Flak over Plastic Red Cup-1

What about her resume qualifications which helped her to succeed? Yes, even potential Miss America has to send some application before entering the stage.

Kira’s resume stresses her trilingual essence. It is a significant advantage for her to speak fluent English and Spanish being a Russian native-speaker. Many may wonder how Russian emigrant could win the contest after the current Russian-Ukrainian relations, in which the U.S. supports Ukrainian side.

Anyway, the knowledge of more than two languages is a must-have for any global beauty contest. With the respect to her roots, she spends most of her time in Russian-speaking community located in Brooklyn. It also adds up to her: Americans admire patriotism.

Miss America 2015 Gets Flak over Plastic Red Cup-2Another important issue she mentions is her educational background. Her degree in political science, global studies, and geography from Hofstra University impressed the jury. So, this blonde is more than just one more pretty face.

We can even discover her well-structured resume online telling her objective is “to obtain a Juris Doctorate and a Master’s degree in Business Administration.”

Those are additional degrees. Looks like newborn Miss America is going to enter the business environment very soon. She searches for management or marketing position as far as she believes that together with her political and social awareness it will help to make the world better by, for instance, decreasing poverty level.

After all, she is a splendid strategist. In her resume, she also mentions her anxiety regarding women’s rights and freedom. “I had friends that saw this and tried to help and didn’t know what to do,” she tells.

In the end, she always writes down her interests to stand out. That is a great example of how hobbies may influent the decision of the employer. Despite many people do not judge this section a necessary one, Kira pointed at her passion to singing and old movies. It really helped her out with touching the jury’s heart. Kazantsev wrote she was inspired by the 2012 movie “Pitch Perfect.”

On the whole, Kazantsev is not mainly concerned with the online reaction to her performance. She has already won. Now, she can add one more achievement to her existing resume.

Miss America 2015 Gets Flak over Plastic Red Cup-3

“It’s unconventional, and sometimes people aren’t as open to change as some would like,” she said. “It’s just something different and I hope people take it as a positive. If they can appreciate that and be happy with what I did, then that’s all I can ask.”

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