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Behind the Scenes. Divirgent 2: Insurgent

Find out what was left behind the scenes when shooting Insurgent. Are you interested in Veronica Roth own vision of the story? Did you know that she prefers being compared to the author of “Harry Potter” and denies any comparisons with Collins and her “Hunger Games”? Is there a crush between Tris and Four in real life? You would be shocked after reading this article!

Behind the Scenes. Divirgent 2: Insurgent-1By the way, if there would be a sexual faction, Shailene would most probably join it instead of challenging all five like Tris did. Find out why!

Dystopia and anti-utopia themes are gaining extreme popularity after The Hunger Games release.

However, new world-recognized author, Veronica Roth, sees herself rather as an adherent of Joanne Rowling with her “boy who lived” than as a copycat of Suzanne Collins.

It’s hard to believe, but the fiction books market is overwhelmed by female authors. It makes no wonder Veronica decided to write one more chapter of “Divergent” only to strengthen its stunning success. Together with Miss Roth, young Hollywood celebrities, Shailene Woodley and Theo James, don’t miss their chance to win a day.
Behind the Scenes. Divirgent 2: Insurgent-2

Shailene couldn’t resist spoiling all the way up the post-production. But that’s her only Achilles’ heel. Just as her heroine, Tris, this young lady is impressively confident and strong for her age. Hollywood female long livings, Kate Winslet and Naomi Watts, were amazed by the girl’s power and charm. All three blondes found a common speech quickly. Looks like ladies dominate, but what about the opposite sex representatives?

Speaking of men, Theo James has become even hotter and sexier. Need some proof? Be ready to meet the greatest thrill-seeker of this year – hot Theo’s body in the only movie’s sex scene. He admits her colleague has grown a lot since their previous cooperation. It makes me smile taking into account their candid episode. Oh, it actually made her grow.

“When I first met Shailene, I was a freshman in the film industry. She was not a recognized actress as well. I must admit a lot has changed since then. Unlike me, she has already starred at least one significant movie - “The Spectacular Now”. I guess she has turned a woman, and it happened recently. Sure, I’m not talking about our sexual episode on “Insurgent”. This process took her about two years”.

They also joked that the only scene of sex was cut. The impatient watcher had to bite his knees while waiting for the movie release to check it out. Luckily, all “Divergent’s” fans can still observe this episode. Some critical respondents joke it is the only reason to watch the film. But how did these two cope with such a spicy moment?

As a true man, Theo shares: “Alcohol makes a go. It makes people feel relaxed and ready for any adventures they would rather avoid when sober. The point is that when you work with a person for too long, you start treating each other as brother and sister.
Behind the Scenes. Divirgent 2: Insurgent-3So, it has nothing to do with Shailene’s (or, hopefully, mine) attractions. Thank God, this film has a general rating of PG-13 (16+ for the Eastern countries). Because who knows… The most difficult part was to stop moving at the moment when something has to be changed right in the middle of filming. It distracts attention from the process. Being naked is not a big deal, but being NAKED IN SWEAT is another”.

Woodley has already participated in such scenes earlier, so she is less disturbed by the logistics. “I am not sure if everyone can take it as easy going as that we all have the same body underneath our clothes. At least, most of the Europeans tend to think so, so there is nothing embarrassing about these scenes. Sexuality is a part of our life, so I don’t see anything unusual or immoral in it. Filming such scenes can really satisfy one’s need for sexual adventures.” Wow! Looks like our Tris is no coward!

Behind the Scenes. Divirgent 2: Insurgent-4

She immediately adds to support confused Theo: “The level of emancipation during such shooting firmly depends on how close people know each other, and from the director. It’s up to him to maintain a calm, peaceful environment and cheer the actors up. Then the rest of the crew does not embarrass the partners. It’s a sort of technical experience. I wouldn't even consider it cheating on your boyfriend/girlfriend in case it is only a part of your job.”





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