The Most Awaited Comics of 2018

The Most Awaited Comics of 2018-1

Everybody knows the previous year was an incredible time for breathtaking comics store ever. Luckily, this trend seems to be only expanding this year. Even though 2018 has just begun, it already announces a lot of exceptional works from both, industry veterans and rising stars, who strive to impress readers via experiments, innovations and crushing the boundaries. We are promised to see the incredible takes on set superheroes, tempting imports and a lot of graphic novels covering topics from celebrity biographies up to philosophical reflections on the nature of art.

We’d love to put each and every comics promised this year on the list, as they all seem to be extremely noteworthy. Still, it would make our list way toooooo long to read. Thus we tried to choose the ‘most awaited’ ones, but let’s be honest… we’ll read them aaaaaall. In this shortest review ever let us, please, stick to Marvel and DC only, and may gods have mercy on our sinful souls for all the reductions.

#1. The New Age of DC Heroes

Release Date: Jan. 17

“The New Age of DC Heroes,” originally announced as “Dark Matter,” seems to be one of the most ambitious initiatives in 2018. It has a clear goal set up right now. Bring together the most significant creators of DC, refurbish the existing characters of the DC Universe and… add entirely new ones.

Fans await these comics for many reasons. First of all the story spins out of the Dark Nights events. Think of the names, like Scott Snyder, Jim Lee, Jeff Lemire, Ivan Reis and John Romita, Jr. Now bring them all together. Sounds tempting, huh? Along with the fact of how generous is DC to the content creators, this all seems to become a big bang of 2018.

#2. Flash War

Release Date: Jan. 31

Barry Allen and Wally West are the heart of DC Rebirth from the very beginning. The “Flash War” is the upcoming big story, which claims to decide who is the true fastest man alive. The story also promises to deal with Wally’s strive, as he gets used to the world where his own aunt Iris doesn’t know of his existence.  

#3. Doctor Strange: Damnation

Release Date: Feb. 21

This should be a great follow up to the huge development of the last year’s Secret Empire. Doctor Strange is about to renew the ruined city of Las Vegas but occasionally we find him handing it over to Mephisto. From this moment Dr. Strange has no other option except for joining the forces like Moon Knight, Ghost Rider, Blade and Iron Fist to turn things around.

Not only the plot is exciting, but also the fact that Doctor Strange became one of the best ongoing books Marvel ever designed. Thus, any plot development is extremely awaited.

#4. Batman and the Signal #1

Release Date: TBA 2018

The new story is based on the facе that Batman, even though being the most significant detective in the world, cannot be present in all places at once. Thus, he uses the help of his young protege Duke Thomas to help him out with city patrol, when a wave of metahumans start to manifest throughout Gotham. Duke is in charge at the daytime and tries to help with the investigation of the reason behind a meta-activity boom.

'Batman and the Signal' seems to be great as it has already gained a bunch of positive feedbacks. We see how new Batman is taking a firm place in the old known family and cherish the hope that DC has much more pleasant surprises to offer.

The Most Awaited Comics of 2018-2

#5. Legion #1

Release Date: TBA 2018

The main character of the story is a son of Charles Xavier, named David Haller, who never shared his father’s fame. Also, David was never good at controlling his dissociative identity disorder along with all the superpowers coming in a package with each new personality. One day he appears to get a new alter-ego, which all of a sudden begins to kill others and absorb their powers. David realises that this personality may be the one to take over his body on a permanent basis, thus, he rushes to find the exceptional psychotherapist who could get him out of the troubles.

Genious Peter Milligan, the author of this beautiful story, seems to put the most significant interest to the mental health itself as he splits the issue between two main characters, David and his doctor - Hannah Jones. In the first edition, we are about to learn how psychotherapist starts to experience supernatural powers herself and tries to explain them to be hallucinations only. This lasts only up to the moment those powers start bringing harm.

#6. Eternity Girl

Release Date: March 14

A brand new DC’s Young Animal miniseries, which was initially launched in 2016 under Gerad Way supervision, now presents a new spin on the story. Caroline Sharp, a main character of the plot, has had a lot of roles, including the superhero and an excellent spy. The worst issue of her life is considered to be the eternal existence, as she practically cannot die. At the end of all the events and adventures she’d been through, she finds herself in a deep depression and thinks of death as of a significant relief of her suffering. As she cannot pass away like an ordinary human, she decides to destroy the universe and thus end it all at once. Will that ever happen?...

#7. Marvel's Next Infinity Event

Release Date: Spring 2018

Even though Marvel did not reveal the secret of the upcoming story, we are almost sure it should be related to a cosmic storyline, where Infinity Stones are in the centre of another substantial conflict.

Should we await something extraordinary and ambitious? No doubts! Marvel would want to follow the release of the Avengers: Infinity War movie for sure. We still are not aware of loads of the details, but let’s be honest, Marvel has always had a compelling record of its cosmically oriented crossovers, so this tradition is more likely to continue here.

#8. DC's Vertigo Relaunch

Release Date: Aug. 8

DC’s Vertigo was once a groundbreaking book in a world of comics, which lately seemed to lose its positions in a speed of light. But apparently, DC is not ready to let the story go by now. They plan a lush 25th anniversary of the imprint and the ambitious promising relaunch starting from August.

Nobody knows what they have on their mind. Would it be that breathtaking as it was in the very beginning or the comics would continue its path as a secondary imprint? We can’t predict but the hope for a massive bounce back is strong.

#9. Brian Bendis' First DC Books

Release Date: TBA 2018

We remember 2017 as a year of terrific news, particularly about Brian Michael Bendis signing an exclusive contract with DC. How crazy is remembering him writing Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman? Even crazier it seems to see how he leaves Marvel for DC and only God knows what kind of miracle is ahead.

#10. Marvel's post-Last Jedi Comics

Release Date: TBA 2018

Star Wars story is probably one of the most successful in the history of the humanity. Right now we can’t wait to see what Marvel has to offer as a follow up in 2018, even though any kind of announcements seem to be top secret. The only fact can be stated for sure. Marvel will definitely prosper of the post- ‘Last Jedi’ excitement. All the fans hold their breath while waiting for announcements.  


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