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Key Tips On How To Prepare Yourself Mentally Ready For Your Big Exams


Students dread examinations particularly because of the subject matter involved and the time needed to review everything there is to study effectively. This, added to other projects and coursework, can be extremely stressful and make exams quite the detested experience.

However, just because exams are generally hard, it doesn't mean we're all bound to lose. Given the right tactics and strategy, we may be able to prevail the odds and get that coveted A-plus.

The process won't be easy, however, since journeys to success take a lot of preparation and effort. It will be fruitful, however, as once you discover your optimal studying strategy, you are free to tailor it to your needs.

If you find yourself a bit stuck and you don't know how to approach an exam period, then here are some key tips on how to prepare yourself and make sure you're mentally ready for your big exams.

Creativity Pays Off

When we say, "be creative" it doesn't necessarily mean to find some odd or grand way to incorporate all sorts of art into your studying. It just means we have to be smarter when it comes to our approach to our studies. Sometimes, the methods we currently do won't work because we're not considering the kind of changes we can do to make our studying habits more "appealing" to our minds.

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  • Try to incorporate your study into real life, even in the minutest of things. Try to find associations between your study material and the real world, be it through research or sheer word association. It will allow your mind be imaginative and creative and make associations that could help with memorization and other studying habits.
  • Make creative notes, or notes that you can understand. Sometimes, plain notes with a single-colored pen won't work, so try to make other methods of note-taking that could work for you. You might want to use colorful lines and boxes to associate subtopics and their definitions. Creativity pays off, especially since it can help you have a more vibrant take on your studies.

Get Used to Comfort and Discomfort

Sometimes, we fail to realize that some studying methods don't work because we're getting too used to our habits that they're becoming detrimental. Sometimes, mental preparation becomes more efficient if we switch up now and then with situations that constantly test our limits. This might seem impractical at first, but this is a good habit to develop to make sure you are more than equipped to handle even the smallest of surprise examinations.

  • Make sure to develop a way to incorporate study time into your everyday life, with or without quizzes and assignments on other subjects. It forces you to find ways to manage your time even if you have other appointments, and this can be a habit that can make you a good manager of your time.
  • Immerse yourself in environments that are both comfortable and uncomfortable for you to study in. For instance, if you're used to studying in your room, you can do that when reading your usual coursework. If you want to switch things up, you can go to a crowded area or a noisy area with noise-cancelling headphones. Immersing your mind in a new environment will force you to focus on what you're doing, and allot more time to studying.

Time Management is Real

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A lot of us consider the option of cramming especially when it comes to our exams. This is especially true if there are a lot of projects and other coursework we should do alongside these big exams. It is extremely hard for us to fit everything in a proper schedule, and thus the tendency is for us to cram our review sessions. Sometimes, this works for a lot of people.

  • Given the other tips above, try to consider the kind of study setup you're most comfortable with. You know the kinds of strengths and weaknesses you have, especially for your certain subjects, so you most likely know the kind of progression that would get you the most time to study. Decide if you should start with difficult subjects first or the easier ones.
  • Remember to set your priorities. You won't want to do something else if you have big exams to prepare for. Be in a place that you see yourself studying in. Go for a place that would allow you to devote your time to your notes which, based on the above, doesn't always have to be a comfortable place.


The lawyers at the Law Office of William W. Hurst know that if there's anything the above tips could tell us, it's that perhaps the most important tip on how to prepare yourself for your big exams is to be willing to prepare. This means making sure everything you need in order to study is ready even before your study time.

This preparation doesn't just arrive with getting all the materials ready, including copies of your notes, reviews from professors, and your books. Much of the effort will come from your personal studying habits, and how willing you are to adjust particular aspects of your academic life in order to make sure you have enough time to study for your exams.




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