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How to Write an Essay When You Lack On Time

How to Write an Essay When You Lack On TimeWriting the last minute paper is a well-known activity for practically every student. And no matter what your professor and mom think, there might be dozens of reasons behind that except laziness and procrastination. Sure, those two take their place in the list of possible reasons, but they are not the only ones to be there.

What most of the adults forget after graduation and getting a ‘real life’ is how many important activities a student might have except writing essays. Among those are not only sleeping 8 hours a day and eating healthy, which are essential and take time, but also studying new material, sports, hobbies, meeting new people. Apart from that students usually try to find a part-time job to start gaining work experience or enroll in a variety of campus activities. Also, nobody canceled courses you need to take and lectures you need to visit. Maybe you also need additional lessons and courses to understand difficult material. All those reasons together might create a bunch of issues, when you are getting into the exams period. I always wondered. Do professors like to make us suffer even more by assigning additional essays when exams are close?

Regardless of the reason that brought you to that awkward moment, you still need to complete your paper. Let’s consider the worst scenario when you have only a few hours or only one night left before the deadline. What can you do to complete your paper on a decent level and submit it on time?

#1. Forget about perfectionism

This is the first thing you should forget about if you ever suffer from it. Perfectionism demands extensive and decent research on the topic, deep understanding of what you are writing about, good outline, hard work on writing and time for editing and revision of the text. When you have only a few hours, forget about planning all these great details, you most definitely would go through if only you would have time for that. Instead, try concentrating on something you can cope with in a short time. For example, think of a structure of your future essay and the points you would highlight in it. Write them down and move on to writing. Do not waste time on trying to add ‘something special’ to the arguments you’ll use. Introduction, Body, Conclusion. Go!

#2. Stay calm

Well, I know it sounds too obvious to be put in the advice list. Still, let’s seriously consider this point. Should you be nervous about the lack of time/ information/ inspiration/ etc. that won’t be of any help. Moreover, a stressed mind is lower on functionality, so, obviously, that’s a bad condition for productive and creative work.

Another question is how you can calm yourself down in such a situation? I would say it mostly depends on the level of stress you experience. In a close to panic situation try calm breathing, mint tea or (in case of emergency) the medicine. On the other hand, if you are only slightly nervous, just try to focus on the ideas you want to uncover in your essay. After a few minutes, you won’t be noticing your stress anymore.

#3. Use any help you can find

When you lack time to write your essay, any help is a good help, as long as it is not turning into some kind of distraction. So, if your roommates or friends have ideas or even pieces of text - use them. If you have to quickly get acquainted with the topic you have no idea about, avoid books and look for essay samples of other students, who performed papers on the same or similar topic. If you run out of time and clearly understand you cannot make it in time, try ordering Writing Service.

Also, there are options like Editing and Rewriting of your old works or of the works you find online. This can genuinely save your time, especially if you, for example, use the Rewriting Service, which would edit the paper under needed requirements. What you’ll get is sleeping along with the completed paper in the morning. And, pleasant news, it is way cheaper than Writing Service.

Still, if you go for writing all by yourself, start with the next checkpoint of our list.

#4. Create an Outline

It might seem to be a complete loss of time to you. Still, there is nothing wiser you can do when running out of time. Well, even if you’re not, the outline is still a great idea. Always.

It helps you to plan what you’ll write about, structures your thoughts and ideas, creates the order and helps you to get started with your writing. Trust me; it is way more simple to start with an outline. First of all, you don’t need to do a lot of work on formulating in the first place. Secondly, when you have a plan, you simply need to fill in the ‘gaps,’ whereas without a plan you have to fill in the blank page. And we all know that a blank page is the main reason for being lost in thoughts and procrastinating the writing.

#5. Perform a research

The time you spend on doing your research depends on how much time you have left before the deadline. Try to make your investigation as quickly as possible and don’t take more than 30% of the time you have. Sure, that won’t be the search of your dream, where you dive into the issue, explore the hidden facts or original points of view on the topic.

Still, you need to get the general understanding of the topic, find several supporting arguments and learn how you can expand them to explain the particular point of view on the issue. Therefore go for searching the basic info for your issue and think of the ways to perform a general rewrite, to make your text original.

#6. Write the first draft

After going through all the steps, we described above, sit down and write all your thoughts in the planned order. Do not get distracted by the details and proofreading. All these things can be done after you have your first draft. It is a well-known fact that editing text is simpler than writing. So let your thoughts flow, and do not interrupt them by overthinking each detail. You’ll get to that.

#7. Edit it!

No matter how low you are on time, do not ever send your assignment without a thorough proofread and editing. You can be 100% sure you did it all correctly, and your thoughts are written down in a brilliant form and so on, but still, do not ever omit this step before submitting.

When writing your essay, you may do the silliest typos (due to the speed of typing when you are in a rush), or create logical gaps involuntarily or who knows what else can jump into your essay unexpectedly. So editing is an essential part of each essay writing.

#8. Final polishing before submission

If you are in a rush and have no time to lay your paper away for some time, use a vast variety of automated online tools instead. Also, to exclude the logical gaps, you may try reading your essay out loud. This would exclude the possibility to jump over few sentences and miss out something you might want to improve. Also, try reading the essay backward, which genuinely helps with different typos and grammar mistakes. Those simple tricks will help you out in final polishing of your paper and will definitely reveal the tiny things you might need to improve.

Bottom Line

Submitting a paper is always a relief and a great sign of finished work. Hopefully, you don’t have complete all of your essays at the last minute, so you have enough of sleep and well-deserved rest. Still, if you find yourself constantly procrastinating your work till the last moment, that is a wakeup call. Probably it is a good time to reconsider your schedule and workflow.


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