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15 Ideas for a Competitive Cause and Effect Essay

15 Ideas for a Competitive Cause and Effect Essay

What is a cause and effect essay?

 A cause and effect essay is an academic paper in which you need to analyze the causality of some phenomenon. By its definition, this essay requires from you to define either the causes of a particular event/situation/fact or its effects. To this type of paper, you can ascribe any analytical paper on historical, social and natural science issue that discuss its reasons or consequences. This kind of task examines your ability to do a research and analyze the information you've collected.

How to write a cause and effect essay?

 - Calmly and step by step. Your approx algorithm is following:

  1. Come up with the topic
  2. Do a research
  3. Structure your materials and write an outline
  4. Think of a catchy opening paragraph
  5. Expound your main points according to the outline
  6. Sum up the key ideas in the final part
  7. Revise, give somebody reliable to read

How to start a cause and effect essay

 As you see, you essay preparation starts from the topic choice. As with any other essay type, this step defines the progress and the result of the whole work. You choose the topic considering several factors. Among them are your initial assignment, your sphere of interests and discipline, you need to write an essay on.

To come up with the ideas for your topic you need to: 

  • Try to brainstorm 5-7 possible issues that are interesting for you to discuss.
  • Pick the most feasible topics. Google it, estimate the amount of available information on it.
  • Choose the issue that is something in between “very problematic” and “obvious” poles.

The topic is better to be interesting to you, so you can enjoy analyzing it. Yet, above all, it must be relevant to your assignment.

There is a list of 15 cause and effect essay ideas you can use for your essay. You might want to expand or narrow some of them, they are still good topics for college level academic work.

  1. Social consequences of an abortion ban
  2. What are the causes of Brexit
  3. Effects of a regular physical punishment of a child.
  4. The rise of right-wing parties’ popularity in the Europe in 2012-2016: reasons.  
  5. Common causes of a divorce. 
  6. Personal effects of procrastination.
  7. How Social Media development influenced on the journalism.
  8. Reasons for the liberalization of the Catholic Church position under Pope Francis
  9. Common causes of the suicide among college students
  10. Causes of international volunteering popularity
  11. Causes and effects of the adopting of Partus sequitur ventrem in the US in the 17th century.
  12. Possible effects of the development of a strong AI.
  13. What were the causes of the Arab Spring?  
  14. Causes and effects of online education popularity.
  15. Causes of pandemic spread of the Zika virus 

How to do your research

Your research must be independent. It means that any of your statements must be supported by facts. You are not supposed to give your subjective appraisal or invent the original causal chain. 

  1. So firstly you need to Google your topic question. Look up for the reliable sources, where the information is supported by charts and statistic. You can also use the journalistic investigations’ published on the trustworthy resources. 
  2. You can use Wikipedia as a source of sources. Follow the links and references given in the Wiki, so you can independently analyze original resources. 
  3. Think of what you personally know about the topic. Find related materials. 
  4. Look up for relevant facts, examples, and cases. They make your points more convincing and reliable.
  5. Double check all the references you are using. Pay attention to the date of publication, to be sure that the information is not outdated.

When you do your research, stick to your assignment. Don’t go far in investigating the reasons for the phenomenon, if your task is to analyze its causes. Besides, don’t mix up your task with the problem solution essay. In this paper, you don’t need to provide the solutions just to point out the causes or effects of the issue.

If you still didn’t get what exactly you need to do, let’s consider one of the prompts given above precisely.

Social consequences of an abortion ban

What you need to investigate here are abortion ban effects. To make a point you need to refer to the case studies and statistics.

For example, this essay can be illustrated by Texas Abortion Law and its consequences. Abortion ban in the Soviet Union (1936-1955) can be also a good illustration since there are a lot of analytical materials and available statistics on it. Besides, initially the abortion in the USSR was allowed, so the outcomes of the restrictive law adopted in 1936 are very demonstrative

What preliminary points you can make regarding this topic? Abortion ban can be a reason for:

  • the spread of backstreet abortion;
  • the rise of the mortality rate among the women who decided to terminate their pregnancy;
  • the increase in the incidence of infanticide;
  • the rise of the number of children who live in poverty or in dysfunctional families;
  • general worsening of the women situation in the society etc.

Each of your statements you need to unfold and support by strong references, quotations, and factual information. 

Notice that you are not asked to analyze why the ban was adopted, but what it has caused.

General tips

 -         Don’t idle with the writing. This work requires at least two weeks to be done.

-          Don’t spare time on proofreading.  Ask someone trustworthy to read it. You can overlook some of your writing bugs. 

-          Apply to the reviewed cause and effect essay examples, so you could get a better understanding of your task.

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