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How to Survive the Spring Semester without a Breakdown

How to Survive the Spring Semester without a Breakdown-1

Spring is in full swing but you feel exhausted and overwhelmed with study workload? Don’t feel capable of coping with all your academic troubles? Well, the first thing you need to know is that you are not alone in it. The vast amount of college students experiences the spring sharpening of anxiety and depression. There are two basic reasons for it. First of all, the spring is the time when our body suffers from a vitamin deficiency. It affects both our physical condition and mental stability. And the second reason concerns the growth of a season academic workload.

National College Health Assessment of American College Health Association released an annual summary of college students’ health condition. According to the data published in 2016, within last 12 months:

  • 86% of college students have felt overwhelmed
  • 82,1% of college students have felt exhausted
  • 37,5% of college students have felt too depressed to function.

One of the most significant sources of the traumatic experience for these students was academic workload. 48.7% of surveyed students reported academics as a source of stress. For comparison, 34.3% pointed out financial issues, 30.7% – intimate relationships, and 29.8% – family problems.  By a huge margin, academic work becomes a leader among the other stress engines.

In other words, it’s clear that students’ routine is full of stress factors, and this problem is far too serious to neglect. We have prepared a set of tips on how to minimize the stress from your study at the moment, starting from the list of what you shouldn’t do.

NOT to do

Improvising with time

Some people just love daily plans, schedules and get a kick out of deadlines. All these elements help them to organize their time and prioritize the work. So they don’t feel lost and always know what to do at this particular minute. At the same time, there are people who find all those things dreadful. It is hard for them to work in a strictly limited time and follow the exact assignment guidelines. They need a freedom to decide for themselves when and what they do. Such people perceive time intuitively and work by fits and starts.

A study in college requires building an exact timeline and following it. There is simply no other way. So if you belong to the second of the mentioned types you need to rearrange your work attitude. Building precise schedule can become a part of your creativity and help you to widen a horizon of your potential.

How to Survive the Spring Semester without a Breakdown-2

Working to death

Obviously, as a college student, you often feel that you are assigned to do more than you can cope. To figure out exactly, how much you have to do and what time resources you have, you need to write it all down. Build a graphic for the preparation of your weekly tasks and sensibly estimate the time you needed to fulfill them. Prioritize them: define the tasks of a prior importance, do them first. If you have spare time to finish other tasks - great, if not – let it be. Well, it is not an advice to abandon your study process, but not to overdo things. The truth is that you cannot benefit from working above the limits of your health. Besides, high-quality work is rarely done in a sleepless night.

Patterning your classmates’ behavior

We all do this - ask our classmates/colleagues whether they have already started the assigned task. And we feel relieved when we hear that they are also procrastinating and haven’t’ started yet. At some point, the atmosphere of an eternal-being-late turns into a student's’ culture standard. It somehow becomes cultivated with all those jokes about the procrastination and omnipresent stress. Try not to become a part of it, because it will affect not only your study attitude but all your professional life. Being late and stressed is not fun, and foremost, it is not necessary.

What to do

Handle yourself with care

Remember, you are your biggest value. You need yourself to be healthy and happy in the first place. Only after having this done, you can think about getting an A for you argumentative essay. To your parents’ “Do some sports” and “Eat vegetables” psychologists advise to add “Practice meditation”. It is also crucial is to maintain a physical comfort by doing some sport. Be attentive to your health,  it is the basis of your productivity and well-being.  

How to Survive the Spring Semester without a Breakdown-3

Set a detailed work schedule

The only way (literally the only, we checked) to manage the time and effort-consuming study but still to stay socialized is to schedule every of your activities. There are plenty of nice and handy apps that will help you to plan all your study and extracurricular tasks. For instance, you can use Class Timetable app to make sure you don’t forget any of your assignments. The trickiest part is to learn how to estimate the needed time for each of your tasks. So to track your time you can use RescueTime or MyLifeOrganized. Such apps will help you to get a sense of how much time you spend on each of your study dealings.

Long story short, turn your procrastination into a productivity.

Follow the plan

That’s the point where all the good intentions start seeming not so sure. You actually need to follow the schedule you set. Your plan must be feasible and flexible so you don’t get a panic attack each time something goes off the rails.

  • Do the hardest and the most unpleasant tasks first.
  • Include the time for relaxation and rest.
  • For an additional motivation set a tradition of little self-rewards.  

Share with others

It’s very helpful to have some extra activity apart from your study. Especially if it helps you to maintain contact with other people and to share some common cause with them. There are studies proving that, for example, volunteering can contribute to your academic progress. It makes you feel socially engaged, bringing the feeling of fulfillment and joy. So if you feel alone and frustrated, consider the options to help the local community in any comfortable for you way. A lot of people find the find inner balance and peace with such practices.  

How to Survive the Spring Semester without a Breakdown-4

In sum, it is totally natural if you feel exhausted at this time of a year. Be easy on yourself, take good care of your health and nerves. To minimize the sources of the stress, you should set a work schedule and follow it. Consider it as a part of the life-long program of loving yourself. Thus, the challenges that seem to you unbearable now with turn into a piece of cake.

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