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How to know that your pet is happy?

How to know that your pet is happy?-1

Happiness is a strong feeling that every person measures on the individual scale. Some can define it as living a luxurious life without any restrictions while others describe this feeling with abstract pleasure like health or with family and friends. It is hard to count the whole number of words in human's mind associated with such a beautiful feeling. So, with all the complications around people’s happiness, how can you speak of the pets joy?

Nobody can ask dogs or cats whether they are doing okay or not. And they, commonly, have no opportunity to explain their emotions in a way people express it. The only way is to interpret the visible signs in their habits and behaviors.

The first question we have to ask is whether it is enough to meet the basic needs of your pet to make it happy? Undoubtedly, the balanced diet, everyday walks, and hygiene rules are essential steps towards pet's welfare. Nevertheless, the psychological needs are as critical as for human beings.

Dogs are probably the most beloved pets among people. They are usually called the best friends of humans; loads of stories, movies, and books are dedicated to dog's devotion.  So, it is appropriate to start with the identification of happiness signs in dog’s behavior.

You can call yourself a good owner of your dog if you notice things like:

  1. Happy tail signs

The "sparkling" tail is the best indicator of dog's satisfaction. It is a lot like sparkling eyes for people. If you are worried about dog's mood, check the tail reaction on entertainments and surroundings. The delighted dog is curious about the environment, other animals, and people.

  1. Eye contact

The eye contact is as important as in people’s communication. The disappointed dog won’t ever respond to any of your attempts to attract its attention. Also, it would strongly avoid the eye contact, to hide the fact of a bad feeling.

  1. The pet has a good appetite

The dog never refuses its favorite food. Otherwise, it can be a wake-up call of a physical or mental illness, especially if it is a rare case.

  1.  The visual hallmarks

The visual features like mouth, eyelids, ears, and brow are smooth and relaxed. The tension is nothing but a result of various disorders. The cheerful dog has no signs of stress.

How to know that your pet is happy?-2
  1. The pertinent barking

How can dogs communicate with other doggy friends and people? By barking or whining, of course. The way of barking can either warn or attract. Should a dog bark aggressively, that might mean a call for help.

  1. The dog is playful and active

The passive pet that ignores any opportunities to play with other dogs and human friends may have communication problems. Thus, the isolation can cause depressive mood and undesired difficulties in many aspects of a dog’s life.

  1. The pet is overjoyed to meet you

The positive reaction to meeting the owner is a definition of genuine happiness of the pet. It is not as easy as for people to fake the real emotions. People can lie or hide the feelings, while animals don't have any limits in their expression.

How to know that your pet is happy?-3
  1. The behavior is adequate even if the dog stays all alone

The bored or picky dog will never lose a chance to create chaos around. The more they prank, the more satisfied they get. But the origins of this satisfaction are different from healthy joy, so it is essential to control such behavior and avoid the possible consequences.

Things are a bit different if we start talking about cats. These pets rely more on themselves and entertainments around than on humans. Cats are the best choice for those who have no free time or can call themselves lazy.  

Still, cats also need attention to avoid the out of control situations.

How to know that your pet is happy?-4

Bottom Line

It would be troublesome to explore all the possible pets and discover all the reasons behind their happiness. Still, if you care about the living creature you adopted, it would be fine.

The attention to all the details in pet's behavior, it’s habits and reactions is the best way to define the favorite’s happiness. Also, nobody but the real owner of a pet can identify the slightest differences in the mood and behavior. The last advice is to share your love so that the pet can feel the support.

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