How to fight procrastination?

How to fight procrastination?

So, you defined yourself as a procrastinator, and now you wonder what you can do about it? Well, first of all, there is no need to rush into writing a calendar, creating a big plan to stick to or start searching for time-management books. I mean, sometimes there is nothing terrible in little innocent procrastination. In fact, it tells of your high intellect and of the working evolutionary mechanism of energy saving. When you know the task is not worth all the time you plan for it, there is nothing wrong with a little delay. Admittedly, it should not have any impact on your education or career. So, if your work seems to be organised a bit irrational and messy, but in the end, it works, and everybody is happy with the result, why change anything?

The other picture shows up when your workflow is so messy you cannot finish anything in time. Thus you always get late, and you already become a master of runarounds and excuses. That is a wake-up call to start looking for a solution. There might be thousands of reasons behind the procrastination, but that is not the thing that matters. Try to forget all the excuses and promises you give yourself every day, like ‘I’ll start tomorrow,’ ‘When only I move out...’ or ‘Next week is a perfect time to start’ and so on. Grab yourself together, go through this article as quickly as you can and start today!

Here are seven best ways to battle procrastination. We at StudentShare have found them particularly useful after a series of experiments.

#1. Set a big goal

That might sound a bit insane, for procrastinators are usually unable to start even a small task and tend to delay it as much as possible. Still, there is an apparent reason behind that advice. Seeing a big picture and having realistic, but global plans are two golden rules of inner motivation. The main reason behind procrastination all your duties and tasks is the lack of understanding why you actually do that. On the other hand, when you have a big plan in your mind, each task won’t seem that tremendous anymore, for if compared to your goal it would be pretty easy to embody.

#2. Discover your major distractions

You might have a plan, have the motivation, but can’t actually get yourself into working on the task. Well, usually the main reason behind that is the distractions around.  Do not get me wrong, each of us sometimes gets distracted by facebook or random talk, but if that is not hurting the work, it is okay.

Still, if you are the person, who cannot stop the inconvenient call or chat, you have to shut everything down before you start working. There are plenty of apps designed for that purpose. You can block all the social media, phone and skype calls along with the e-mail notifications. That might be a bunch of help if you get distracted a lot.

If your major distraction is about people around, like your roommates, parents, or coworkers, try to find a private place to work. If that seems impossible, talk to the people around you, explain the importance of the work you are about to do and use great headphones to get rid of the noises.

#3. Use activity apps

Great solution for those who get lost in time and usually end up with nothing done at the end of the day. We all know how it often happens. You plan a bunch of work for a day, but first, you want to have your coffee. With your coffee, you want to read some news or watch another short episode of the TV series you like. Then, magically, one after another, you catch yourself watching YouTube interviews with Justin Bieber’s mom, and it is late evening already. So you delay your plans till the next day, but when next day comes, you can’t actually start working.

This problem haunts loads of people who have no particular interest in the work they have to do. Thus, you need to force yourself to do it, and you consider morning to be the best time to start. Well, maybe you are right, for after having a good sleep people tend to be more productive. The only thing you need to do here is to organise yourself and minimise the time loss. There are plenty of apps designed for that. They would help you plan things out and keep the track. It is essential to plan your day to the tiniest details, like having coffee, break from work, doing groceries or washing.

#4. Change routine

Practically, this point is an addition to the previous one. Maybe there is something in your routine that prevents you from completing your tasks in time? Check (or write down!) everything you do throughout the day and how much time it takes. It actually is an eye-opening experience, which can show loads of pitfalls and reveal the actual reason for your procrastination.

#5. Break big tasks into several parts

This checkpoint in our list uncovers another big issue for all the procrastinators out there. A big job, with loads of details to consider, often scares people, and they tend to delay the work due to some worries, like not knowing how to start, expecting a lot of time spent on work and so on. Well, in such a case there is only one cure. Break this big task into several small ones. Once you do this, you’ll gain some benefits. First of all, you won’t be scared of the amount of work ahead, as it would be divided into small parts. Secondly, it would be easier for you to organise the whole process of work. Thirdly, when having such a clear and straightforward plan, you will be able to conquer the job without a significant effort.

#6. Force yourself into Action

Sometimes procrastination is a sign of a psychological imbalance. Think about how you feel in general. Is there something that profoundly disturbs you? Or maybe you are going through some hard time and simply ran out of the life energy? Such a state of mind requires an enjoyable vacation, well-deserved rest and, in critical cases, the help of a specialist.

Still, if you feel a light apathy to work, there is nothing left except forcing yourself into action. Start with your diet and physical activity. Force yourself to be more interested in your well-being. Then make yourself work. It would be hard at first, but when you get used to the rhythm, nobody would be able to stop you.

#7. Start with the most Crucial Work

It is always tempting to delay all the hard work and start with the small unimportant stuff. Still, until the end of the day, you most probably run out of the energy and won’t be able to perform the crucial work on a decent level, if you actually get to it. So, save the small tasks for later and start with the most critical job of the day before you are too tired even to open it.

If you don’t know how to start and start distracting yourself with social media or random YouTube videos, remind yourself of breaking significant important work into small tasks. Planning always makes a big deal in those cases. Everybody has to organise their workflow most conveniently. So, if you tend to call yourself a procrastinator, this way of a workflow would be the best for you.

Bottom Line

Procrastination is sometimes called the plague of the 21st century. Still, we at StudentShare do not believe it is true. First of all, it is not an incurable disease. With a right mindset, you can get rid of this bad habit in a matter of weeks! I mean, get rid of it altogether.

Most of the time, procrastination is a sign of a balanced life, going with the flow and having no big picture in mind. A person with no big dream cannot be overproductive and stay motivated. Find the things that inspire you. Find a job you love. If that is not possible, think of the side activities, which please you. Force yourself to start and get things moving. Everything else would follow.

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