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How to Get the Best Exam Result with a Red Power Suit?

Show me a person who hasn’t seen Hillary Clinton’s red power suit? It made a lot of fuss during election debates. And though it’s only an outfit but a lot of voters still remember the contrast of Hillary’s red suit to Trump’s blue tie. But can you use the real power of a red suit to get the victory at your exam? Of course, no one can say for sure but if we look at those celebrities and famous politicians who wore red power suits, you can notice a tendency that it actually brings some feeling of confidence and influence in their images.

What Type of Red Power Suit Is the Best Fit?

Red Power Suit “Bloody Lips”

How to Get the Best Exam Result with a Red Power Suit?-1

Credit: George Pimentel, Wirelmage

You can wear this type of a red power suit with the bloody lipstick and jewelry in Gigi Hadid’s style which even looked conservative for Much Music Video Awards in Toronto. However, the power of such an image can work against you because your male employer or professor might think you want to get a grade or position using your appearance. Most likely, you’ll be met with resentment and ignorance, if the interviewer appears to be a woman.

Red Power Suit “I am a hero”

How to Get the Best Exam Result with a Red Power Suit?-2                                 How to Get the Best Exam Result with a Red Power Suit?-3

Sure, you could wear this kind of suit to your college or uni but only if it is Halloween Eve or a disguise party. In other occasions, it will look as if you need to spend a few hours talking with a psychiatrist. Yet I know one guy who always puts on his red superman t-shirt as his lucky talisman under any shirt. I personally do not believe such a costume can bring you success or victory just because it’s associated with a fictional hero who obtains special powers. But I do believe in the power of positive thinking and placebo effect which helps overcome challenges in difficult situations.

Red Power Suit “Intelligent Beauty”

How to Get the Best Exam Result with a Red Power Suit?-4

Credit: racked.com

The human rights lawyer Amal Clooney knows how to emphasize her power, proficiency, and femininity. You can copy this balanced image “Intelligent Beauty” and have a look of a strong graduate who knows his goals and ways to achieve them. I think this image could fit the best for a graduate who seeks a perfect suit for the first job interview, a crucial exam or the final oral defense of a dissertation in front of the Examination Committee.

Red Power Suit “I Wanna Win” 

How to Get the Best Exam Result with a Red Power Suit?-5                How to Get the Best Exam Result with a Red Power Suit?-6

Credit: The Washington Post/Getty Images                                              Credit: twitter.com

If your aim is not just to impress but dominate and outrun your competitors, choose a pantsuit in Hillary Clinton’s style or a fashionable business-like dress in Nicola Sturgeon’s style who is the current First Minister of Scotland. You can use one of this “I wanna win” power dresses for the contest where you should compete with the greatest minds in a particular issue. This kind of a look implies self-esteem and strength.

Comparing both Power Suits I found that Clinton and Sturgeon have similar professional and sophisticated looks. Yet Hillary’s pantsuit is more masculine and de-emphasizes sexuality whereas Nicola’s dress is restrained but still eye-catching. Still both suits almost glow with power and scream out – I am pretty smart and "pretty" isn’t the most significant word here.

So, as you can see it is a hot trend to wear a red power suit and impress people around you with an authoritative look. The best thing about the power suit that it can perfectly fit not only politicians and celebrities but also you. It may also bring you the same power and success. The main reason it actually works with almost everyone because its power effect is engraved in people’s minds. It is perceived as a sign of you being confident, strong and brave enough to meet a challenge.

How Can a Student Use the Power of Red Suit?

Begin using power dressing early and you’ll see how it influences your grades. I got my first experience with power suit from my non-favorite Psychology professor. It was her best advice I’ve remembered for years – “If you want to pass your exam with the highest grade, get dressed to an exam as if you’re going to deliver a speech as a UN Goodwill Ambassador.” First, I didn’t believe that such an old approach could still work but then I decided to test it on my finals. I’ve read tons of info on power dressing and wore a navy blue pantsuit to pass Sociology. I’ve noticed how differently I was treated by both a professor and my group mates. Through their eyes, I was more serious, confident, and even prepared.

How to Get the Best Exam Result with a Red Power Suit?-7

And recently I’ve found other proofs that red power suit can be a winning solution for serious occasions. One of which was a French study conducted in 2012 which proved that waitresses who wore red uniforms earned up to 26% more tips from male customers. Of course, red color was used to manipulate men with an alluring image. But if you wear a strict red power suit for your first job interview or the finals, you can be the one who’s not afraid to stand out and risk to achieve the higher result.

So, the red power suit can help you:

  • develop an image of a serious student who is not afraid to take responsibility or demonstrate his leadership skills. You can choose to wear your power suit for the most important lectures or workshops to stay ahead of other students.
  • make the positive impression on your first job interview. Though the red color can be rather risky, especially if you choose a tight seducing dress, it can be a winning choice if you select the right ensemble and emphasize not your attractiveness but authoritativeness first. Any employer is willing to hire a confident graduate with good ambitions and self-respect.
  • to get the highest grade at your exam. Remember the suit has power but it’s not magical and can’t bring you the best result if you are completely unprepared. Yep, now you might ask “What’s a reason to wear a red power suit then?

How to Get the Best Exam Result with a Red Power Suit?-8

The main thing about power dressing is to make you more self-assured and fearless. It can also help you find a common language with a professor who understands how challenging and embarrassing it is to put on a red power suit.

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