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How to Keep your Productivity and Grades High during March Madness?

How to Keep your Productivity and Grades High during March Madness?-1

It’s complete madness if men stay at home for the whole month undergoing vasectomy procedure to peacefully watch tournament games. And it’s not just a coincidence in statistics. This is a true fact as well as the fact that employees and students lose in their productivity this month.

Of course, such tournaments always have a bad influence on the workplace and academic performance because both audiences can’t stand the temptation to check Bracket Pools and see whether their predictions were right.

I have a few friends who aren’t NCAA collegiate athletes or big basketball fans but during this tournament, they always participate in the Pool. This is a sort of gambling excitement. It overlaps with a desire to win and get the feeling of being close to the failure.

How to Keep your Productivity and Grades High during March Madness?-2

Considering this, March Madness can become a real challenge for students who struggle with their passions and temptations. Here are possible outcomes of March Madness for your academic progress.

  • Compromising on quality when a student rushes to submit a task within a deadline.
  • The lowered focus and motivation to show the best academic performance.
  • Weakened in-class concentration and efficiency because of constant checking on the latest results of pools or filling out the brackets.
  • Becoming ignorant of your overall GPA result and relaxed before the exam period.

Real madness comes over people during this basketball period. Students become even more brazen and let themselves watch live stream games during their lectures.

How to Keep your Productivity and Grades High during March Madness?-3

Yet, the impact of March Madness isn’t only negative. Psychologists report that uncertainty and excitement over this event can bring feelings of happiness, strengthen the social bond, positively affect our health, longevity, decrease stress and anxiety.

Yet, the question remains how not to let March Madness influence your academic progress?

  • Make a separate schedule for this month

 Having a monthly table of semifinals you can try to plan your free time outside the class. Train your willpower and don’t allow yourself to check the brackets during the lectures or workshops.

It’s also a challenge not to mingle your passions with work or studies. Remind yourself about your long-term priority. Isn’t it to get a degree, get a well-paid job, earn enough money and one day occur on the island full of pleasure and luxury? Well, perhaps, the island was too much but at least it’s the thing you can visualize yourself and stay focused on your studies.

If it’s too hard to visualize your aims you can always print the picture related to your goal and put it on your wall. This method actually tunes in and helps treat your everyday routine more seriously.

To reward yourself for sticking to the schedule and relax from the pressure of studying, you can visit a game wearing something strange and funny. Yeah, watch out your horns!

How to Keep your Productivity and Grades High during March Madness?-4

  • Refuse from one of your hobbies for the whole month

 Anyway, you’ll have to compromise on something and it’d better be not your college and home assignments. Just think of those activities taking the most of your time after classes. Postpone them to no-game days or just refuse from them to allocate enough time for learning. For instance, you can sacrifice your guitar lessons or gym hours if you are fine with your “slimness” either way.

  • Don’t get too mad and keep to your deadlines

 We acquire a skill to control ourselves after years of failures, disappointment, and regrets. However, meeting deadlines in college is equal to having the engineer’s accuracy. One procrastinated task leads to a succession of other failed deadlines. So, what you need is to manage your time either using specific task managers or those productivity apps that allow handling your in-class activities, homework, budget, and social life. If you are still too much distracted by the ongoing games, try to unplug yourself from the outer world finding the most isolated place for learning.

  • Don’t overstrain yourself with lack of sleep and bad diet

 How to Keep your Productivity and Grades High during March Madness?-5

Sure, eating chips, drinking harmful energy shots, and sleeping for 3 hours each day can be a kind of way to combine studying with a tournament. But what will be with you after the whole month of such “madness”? Think ahead and try to make a balanced work-eat-sleep schedule. If you want to function well during March Madness period, give yourself enough rest. Always put sleep, nutrition and studying (right in this order) before entertainment and excitement.

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